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Root Beer Float, Pacific Dolphin #294, FOR SALE Monterey, California (updated October 21, 2022)

November 14, 2021 - Here's the link to the Craigslist ad


NEW!! October 21, 2022



August 10, 2012. Kerry Lugo checked in on March 31, 2012 with the intention of selling his Pacific Dolphin # 294, Root Beer Float. He has reconsidered and now plans to do some work on her. This is a boat he purchased new. His recent emails have been consolidated and edited, and appear below. This is a Newly Found Dolphin - our 198th! Click here to go to that page

Here is Kerry's email:


I purchased a Pacific Dolphin 24’ back in 1978 or 1979 new from a boat dealer in Santa Cruz, CA.  I still have it in a slip in Monterey, CA and was planning to let it go along with her E-Z Loader trailer. The E-Z Loader Trailer was in good shape the last time I looked and is a year model 77, make EZLDR. When I was younger, I could drop the mast with the help of my 9 year old son and load it on the trailer by myself. 

I need to get down to the boat dock to take a recent photo.  I have attached one that I took decades ago.  I haven't sailed it for a long time. Inside the cabin where the mast stays attach through the deck there are a pair of small plywood blocks about 3/4 inch thick and about 5 or 6 inches square (more or less) that have rotted over time.  Before the boat is sailed, these should be replaced.  Probably a job of less than an hour. 

The boat has had over three decades of use and could use some TLC. The name of the boat is: Root Beer Float. The Certificate of Ownership lists:

Vessel Hull Number: PDM242940378 Webmaster Note Pacific Dolphin Model 24, Hull # 294, Built 03, 1978
YR Model: 78
Date of Purchase: 07/27/78
Vessel Length: 024 FT

I have made trips to Catalina Island in Southern California, Whiskey Town Lake near Shasta, and Huntington Lake near Fresno, otherwise sailed in Monterrey Bay with a few trips back and forth between Monterey and Santa Cruz.

Thanks again.  I will try to get by the harbor soon and take a current photo and also a picture of the hull number plaque.


 Kerry and 9 year old crew

November 4, 2014. We got the following update on Root Beer Float and a couple of pictures - and, we are confirming a newly found Dolphin, first found by Kerry back in 2012. We have set up a page for Vision with her photos - click here to go there. Kerry finally joins the exaulted ranks of DFIs ....

(Kerry's emails are consolidated and with minor edits)

Hi Ron,

Attached is a photo of a Dolphin 24 located on "E" Dock in Monterey, California just 2 slips away from my boat, the Root Beer Float. This weekend I noticed a For Sale sign had been mounted on the boat and thought you might be interested in knowing about it.  The area code is 831.

Regarding the Root Beer Float, attached are two recent photos of her on her trailer, and two taken today.  She's all cleaned up and looking good and sailing as nice as ever.  Monterey Bay is a great place for a boat like the Dolphin 24's.

By the way, for the 35 years that I have been sailing the Root Beer Float, I have always dropped the mast forward.  When I was younger, I was able to lift the mast myself with my son tugging on the back-stay.  Last night I was reading a book that describes using the whisker pole attached to the jib halyard until the whisker pole is level and then attaching the mainsail sheet to the whisker pole at one end and the bow at the other end (where you normally clip on the tack of the jib).  According the book, one person alone can then safely raise and lower the mast.  What is the method most Dolphin owners you talk to use to raise and lower the mast?
See below


Webmaster Note: Raising and lowering a Dolphin Mast - we have a a lot of stuff on this in the Technical Section - personally, this Dolphin owner is chicken - click this link to go to that page http://dolphin24.org/mast_stepping_resource.html

Click on the photos for a larger view


November 6, 2014. Kerry thought we'd like to see a brand new Pacific Dolphin, hull #294, on her first road trip in 1978. Also below are attached two photos from Root Beer Float's Catalina Island trip circa 1978/1979 - with Kerry's comments in italics.

"... the bottom of my feet as I dive off the stern pulpit" 

"my son (practicing?) enjoying a 7up"

Click on the two lower photos for a larger view


November 10, 2014. Kerry has lowered his mast using the mast forward method. He has put together some research on the subject and a photo package - all of which we have included in the Technical Section/Spars - click here to go there.










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