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DFI - Dolphin Field Investigator

January 20, 2012. Under pressure of the Freedom of Information Act we issue the following:

DFI, Dolphin Field Investigator, is a term of high respect and honor, and used on the Dolphin24.org website to recognize individuals that discover new or missing Dolphins, or their close cousins, Mermaid 24s, New Zealand built S&S 24s and Falcon 24s, and Shaw 24s. The term is thought to be derived from a very popular US TV series, now in its 13th season, named CSI for Crime Scene Investigation. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CSI:_Crime_Scene_Investigation. (Readers will note that DFI may, for some, stand for Downunder Field Investigators for matters relating to the Dolphin's New Zealand built cousins)

This designation and honor, not frivolously given, can be also earned for other significant field intelligence obtained affecting Dolphin matters, or for long service and contribution, or at the whim of the Webmaster. Senior DFI, rarely bestowed, is for outstanding service in the Corps of DFIs.

For security reasons no formal records are maintained. Pay levels are Top Secret - although believed by some to qualify recipients for national top 1% income status. It is rumored, neither confirmed or denied, that undercover DFIs exist.....












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