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Donna Crane's Yankee Dolphin #119, Time, Richmond, California - updated Nov 2, 2013  

March 8, 2013. Several years ago Donna Crane and her husband owned a Yankee Dolphin named Time - and she now is trying to find her. We don't have her on our Roster by that name, but hopefully someone will recognized the name and get in touch. We are standing by for pictures and more information. Here is Donna's email(s) - edited and consolidated.

I am looking for a Yankee Dolphin my husband and I owned several years ago. Last time I saw her, she was in Richmond, California near Point San Pablo Yacht Club, and KKMI Boat yard and Marina, on a dock in between the two facilities. The young man we had given the boat to, Kerry, a painter at KKMI, had committed suicide and the boat seemed to have been abandoned. Is there a way to search for her, via hull number or CF numbers?

The boat's name was “Time”, hull number I’ll have to get, but the California registration # was CF6012EN. Hope this is helpful.

Thank you, dc

Anyone with information about this boat please contact the webmaster: RonBreault@dolphin24.org


April 1, 2013 We got the following email from Donna - minor edits

I just love looking at these beautiful boast and their really perfect lines.

I will pull a picture and scan it for you. I just remembered in looking at these photos, our Dolphin has a different aft window and custom interior. We had the boat on a mooring in Newport Beach and a through-hull valve went bad. The boat filled with water and the marina patrol pumped it out, secured the valve and closed it up. Well, this was summer, we were on vacation and it got really hot. The interior delaminated and had to be gutted. We completely rebuilt the interior.

No table, that became a c-berth (aka couch) and the galley was built completely across removing the small seat that normally is at the end of the counter. Floor plan remained the same. We also change the aft window, using a Ranger 26 window. Gave it a different look, and gave more light in the interior. She is very distinct because of these changes.

She had teak hatches, but the cockpit area was all fiber glass. The only other teak was the toe-rail. I’ll find the picture and try and find the full number. That will be my mission this week. Thank you very much for the search.



May 9, 2013 We have the following update from Donna (minor edit). Our DFIs are continuing to look for this boat

Found Hull number and CF number: Hul l# – 119, built 1969 by Yankee Yachts

California Registration # – CF6012EN; Will send pictures as soon as I locate.

She had a white hull



November 2, 2013. We got the following email from Donna and two pictures of Time (minor edits)

Attached are two photos (not the best) of “Time”. I will keep searching for a better photo, but at least we have a couple to start with. Again, the aft window has been changed out for a larger window from a Ranger. This makes her a bit distinctive from the outside. The interior was completely redone. The main cabin does not have the seat on the port side and the end of the counter. Also the settee was removed and a C-berth / couch built-in with cubbies behind for storage. There was no canvas at last sighting, so the canvas color is of no use. Hope this is helpful. The search goes on!


We'll work on getting better photos

Stay tuned








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