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Chaz and Daniel Ebel's Grace, Pacific Dolphin #278, Aquarious Boat Works, Santa Cruz, California (updated June 28, 2012)

June 5, 2011. A couple of days ago we got a report on the Forum from Chuck Daut about a Dolphin in Santa Cruz, California.

I saw this vessel, (Grace or Gracie?) in a marina in Santa Cruz, CA over the Memorial Day weekend. Looks as though it had a nice sized hole punched in the starboard side (maybe from the tsunami that pasted thru a few months back???)

At any rate, anybody know who she belongs too? Is she for sale? I'm looking for a, dare I say "project" and she looks beautiful and exactly what I'm looking for.
thanks for your help

In response to a request to provide more info, if possible, Chuck followed up with the following two posts in the Forum.

Hi Ron
I will try to get that info for you. I just stumbled on the boat purely by accident. I noticed the trailer first (since I'm looking for a trailerable sailboat) then noticed this neat little vessel on top. I had no idea what the boat was until I googled "sailboat with a dolphin" the other day and fell into the loop. I live north of S.F.,CA and don't get to Santa Cruz often, but we do have google earth so I may find the marina this way.
I'll post more info as I find it

A little more info - I saw the little Dolphin24 at
Far West Marine
493 Lake Avenue
Santa Cruz, CA 95062-3938,
they're a small boat yard/store by the Walton Lighthouse
Correction: the boat is next door at Aquarius Boat Works

Your webmaster has been trying to contact the marina - so far no luck. Stay tuned


May 24, 2012. Bingo! We have a DFI report from Nene Wolfe (Moonshadow, Yankee #173) that solves the mystery of the missing Big Dot, Doug Graham's 1996 Transpac Class winner (2nd overall), and Chuck Daut's Forum report back in June, 2011 (above) of a mystery Dolphin in Santa Cruz. Here is Nene's email

Hi Ron,

Hope you are very well. I am in Santa Cruz at a sailing school and saw the Dolphin 'Gracie' on the hard parked at Aquamarine Boat Works. That Dolphin belongs to the owner of the boat yard (don't know his name yet). He bought it from someone who bought it from Mr Graham, the teacher who sailed it in the 1996 Transpac and came in second.

So it had another name ' Ms Dot ' or something like that ? I have to ask the owner his name and see if it is the right hull # of Ms Dot. He is working on repainting it and putting on new rigging.

Dr. Ne2

Standing by


May 28, 2012. Nene got a a couple of photos of Grace

May 30, 2012 - We are trying to reach the owner. Stay tuned

June 28, 2012 Charles Ebel, owner of Grace, has checked in with a couple of emails - here they are consolidated with minor edits

Good morning,

I just wanted to give you a correction on the information you have posted. I own Grace (Big Dot), or more accurately, it belongs to my two sons Chaz (10) and Daniel (8) - they are proud Dolphin owners! They have grown up with overnight trips on her to Capitola, or just sleeping on her here at our docks in our boat yard.

We own Aquarius Boat Works, at 495 Lake Ave in Santa Cruz, CA. You have her listed as being at Far West Marine, a fish wholesaler next door tour property.

She has been sitting for a time, but we hope to give her some love and have her on the water again before the end of summer. If you would like, I can keep you posted on her progress when we get started.

She has no hole nor damage. Her hull developed some flats from the trailer not fitting correctly when she was stored for years before we found her. I filled and faired the flats, so they look like a hole that was repaired.

Good day to you,

Charles Ebel








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