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Nate Donnay's Rosamond, Yankee #150, Lake Elmo/Lake Pepin, Minnesota (updated October 21, 2018)  

October 31, 2015. Nate Donnay checking in as the new owner of Yankee #150. (Webmaster update October 21, 2018. Nate sent in a bunch of Rosamond pictures so we decided to give Rosamond her own page - click here to go to her prior life as Wanderlust. Here's how Rosamond's story started....


You can take my WANTED post down, I bought Jack VanZandt's hull 150 and had it towed out to Lake Elmo, MN. She will spend a year on the trailer while I work on projects, but we hope to have her in the water (Lake Pepin, MN) in 2017. Thanks again for posting my "want" ad, a few people contacted me with boats they were willing to sell but currently aren't listed anywhere.

Thanks also for running such a useful site!

Nate Donnay

Welcome Aboard, Nate!

Webmaster Note: Nate contacted us on September 17, 2015 asking to be listed in our For Sale (WANTED) Section as interested in finding a Dolphin 24.

I've been actively looking for a Dolphin for more than a year.. I would prefer a Yankee, on a road worthy trailer, in the Upper Midwest, and not a project boat. But at this point I'm starting to consider any Dolphin in any location with/without a trailer (can't be a project boat though, 2 young kids absorb a lot of time).



Pending receipt of a picture from Nate of Rosamond here is a picture of her in her prior life


February 21, 2018. Its been a while so we followed up with Nate. He's been busy - here is his report (minor edits)

Hi Ron,

Lots of work done over the summer while she sat on her trailer in my backyard. I can't get pictures right now, she is all wrapped up for the winter. One big change is that she is no longer Wanderlust, she is Rosamond, named after my favorite character in 'Nate the Great' children's books. Our smaller boats are named after a few of Rosamond's cats - Big Hex (16'), and Little Hex (8').

2017 summer projects

New cockpit drain seacock; New sink drain seacock; New head discharge through hull; New head discharge seacock New lavac head; New holding tank and hoses

New electric bilge pump - Re-plumbed bilge pumps to discharge through the stern instead of into the cockpit
Added a 1.5" cockpit drain through the stern (the single drain for the cockpit made me nervous)

Added a permanent swim ladder to the stern

Added Harken cam cleats for the genoa

Removed the kerosene cabin heater

Added Vetus mushroom vent in cabin; Added cabin fan

Removed the existing electrical system; Built a small cabinet to house new switch panel that hangs under the side deck on starboard (didn't like the electrical panel 2" off the floorboards, odds are at some point in a boats life there will be a few inches of water in her). New switch panel; New fuse block; New cabin lights; New cabin wiring

Added 50w solar panel mounted on motor well cover; Added Genasun solar controller

Rebuilt platform where batteries sit (old plywood had rotted); New battery boxes and bullet proof tie down system (I hope); Added a power inverter

Added mounts for tiller pilot to cockpit and tiller, but haven't wired it yet

Bought a bimini and test fitted it, but won't install until I get the mast up and figure out boom height and main sheet clearances

There are probably a few projects that I'm forgetting, but I've listed the major ones.

I started the process of rebedding the portlights, but the two sliding ones from the factory were too far gone to reuse. I bought a set of cheap portlights to replace them, but I don't like how they are designed and was investigating other brands when the snow started falling and the tarp went on the boat for the winter.

I still need to finish plumbing the head, replacing at least 2 of the portlights, new running rigging and a few other things before she goes into the water in the spring.

I already sent in my check for the slip (Hansen's Harbor, Lake City, MN), so it's going to get wet, just not sure on the exact timing. Once the boat is in the water I might tackle an overhaul on the trailer...or I might just ignore it and enjoy the boat. I can't wait to get my kids (will be 6 and 3 this summer) out for some sailing, swimming and overnights.


Webmaster Note: We have a continuing interest in familiarizing our readers with our Dolphin sailing areas. Here, with Google Earth's help, is Hansen's Harbor on "Lake Pepin"/Mississippi River.


October 21, 2018. Responding to a webmaster followup we got the following update and many photos from Nate - see Nate's February 18, 2018 email/project list above.

Click on the photos for a larger image

Hi Ron,

I promised you some pictures of some of the upgrades I made, which are attached.

We didn't keep a log, but we did 2 overnights with the full family (2 adults, 2 kids) this summer, along with a couple more nights of just me and one kid or just solo. Plenty of day trips where we sail to a nearby beach and go swimming.

Overall the boat worked well for us, but there is a lot more work I want to do on her.


Left - Relaxing before bedtime - click here for a larger image

Electric panel

Electric panel - door open

Above - bilge pump

Right - bilge pump hose

Hoses thru Engine Compartment

Aft cockpit drain

Left - boarding ladder; Above - solar panel

Left - Jetboil cooker; Above - opening portlight

Above - Head

Above - Tubing under sail

Stay Tuned







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