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Carl Boller's Our Knots, Yankee # 211, Alamitos Bay, Long Beach, California FOR SALE (updated April 29, 2023)  

April 29, 2023 - In over the transom we got an email advising #211 was FOR SALE on Yachtworld - click the link below for details




January 28, 2023 - We got the following email from Carl (minor edit). We'll standby for the new owner, Robert Bissell, to check in

Hi Ron:

I want to update you on the owner/location of Yankee Dolphin 211, Our Knots. After some 23 years of ownership, I sold the boat in October, 2022. The new owner is Robert Bissell, Manhattan Beach, California..

Best regards

Carl Boller

Fair Winds Carl!!


September 14, 2009. Carl checked in Our Knots, Yankee # 211. The following are his emails (minor edit) and pictures.


I am the owner of Yankee Dolphin Hull #211 built in 1970.  The boat is named Our Knots which I purchased in 2000 from Rob Arnott (thus the name).  Prior to that, the boat was owned by Rob's father Bob.  The boat is moored in Long Beach, CA in Alamitos Bay. I couldn't find a way to add this to the list on the website, but thought perhaps you could do it for me.

Best regards,

Carl Boller


September 15, 2009


Here are some pictures. I have done a fair amount of restoration on the exterior of the boat particularly in stripping and grinding paint out of the nonskid pattern on the deck, completely redoing the nonskid on the cabin top, spraying the topsides with LP and varnish work.  Otherwise, I have no real history to provide at this point, but if I am able to dig something up I will forward it.

Best regards,



November 20, 2010 - So, you have been wondering about #211's name, Our Knots? Noting that we did not figure it out with the previous owner clue above, Carl sent in a short note - the previous owner's name was Rob Arnott, hence Our Knots.

Carl is a New Yorker but spends about 10 weeks a year in California, sailing almost every day when there.


April 5, 2018. Its been a while since our last update but things are OK with Our Knots

Hi Ron:

Nothing has changed much except that we are spending more time in California so are sailing the boat more frequently. Otherwise nothing significant to report.

Thanks for the follow-up.



December 31, 2018 Responding to a year end update request Carl sent in the following reply. Website staff thought readers would like to see Our Knots' sailing area off the southern California coast so a Google 'chart' follows.....

Hi Ron:

Nothing new to report. Our Knots is still in Alamitos Bay and we sail when we can.



November 15, 2021 - Senior DFI Nicole Breault (http://www.dolphin24.org/Marionette_crew.html) sent in the following email and photo

Spotted this AM at 0655 hrs during walk around Naples Island, Long Beach. No name on hull. Well kept







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