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1964 Dolphin, Norfolk, Virginia FOR Free (updated October 2, 2012)

October 2, 2012. We have an updated craigslist ad - she is not doing well, Here is the ad and a couple of pictures

http://norfolk.craigslist.org/boa/3296169030.html (expired)


Back on December 2, 2011, DFI (Dolphin Field Investigator) David Blakey told us about this boat For Sale on Norfolk, Virginia Craigslist. Here is the link http://norfolk.craigslist.org/boa/2730132835.html.

Below is the ad, photos, and contact information. This looks enough like a Newly Found Dolphin so we will call it one - our 186th. We'll try and get more information. Stay tuned.

Great Deal on Project Boat - $2000
Date: 2011-12-01, 10:29AM EST
Reply to: sale-xjtnu-2730132835@craigslist.org

Perfect for anyone willing to take on a project!!

Boat Package Includes:
1964 Dolphin Sailboat with a Cabin
10 HP in board Yanmar (Title & Manual)
Trailer and Cradle
Sail & Mast

Exterior needs some sanding and paint.
Willing to negotiate on reasonable offer.
For more information please email:



December 13, 2011. Senior DFI David Blakey, ever on the lookout for his own Dolphin, went over to see this boat and sent in a couple of emails. This boat is too much of a project for him but seems a good opportunity for the right buyer. The following report is consolidated and edited.

I got to see this boat today.  Due to a camera malfunction I was unable to get any pictures (AAARRRGGHH!!!) so I can only provide a verbal report.

The boat is titled as a 1964 Dolphin, but it has the appearance of a Lunn built boat - narrow companionway with vertical sides, high bridge deck, clamshell handrails; the hull/deck joint is an inward fiberglass flange with the deck through-bolted to the flange (no wood sheer clamp).  The cockpit coamings were teak, not fiberglass as they should have been for a 1964 boat.  It has an early-design, parallelogram-shaped rudder (aluminum).

The mast support inside the cabin appeared to be built up of 3 thicknesses of 3/4" plywood.  The interior was all built up of simple plywood panels. The interior was laid out with a hanging locker starboard just aft of the vee berth, head underneath a short settee just aft of the hanging locker, then a quarter berth running aft under the cockpit.  To port, a simple galley was just aft of the vee berth, with a port-side quarter berth running aft from there.

I could find no manufacturer's data plate anywhere, so it's hard to specifically identify this hull.  There are no bow numbers on the boat, but I can guess from the shadow left from previous numbers that it was once in N.Y. with the number NY 0155 DE ( might have been NY 0165 DE).  (Also, one of the sails had a sailmaker's patch from City Island, NY). Speaking of sails, the mainsail was a Dolphin insignia sail with sail number 40.

As the ad indicates it is an inboard-powered boat.  The current engine is a Yanmar YSM 12, which may have been rebuilt by the previous owner.  The engine is currently out of the boat.  The Yanmar may have been installed in the boat by the previous owner who reportedly had bench-tested the engine and advised the current owner that it ran well.

The centerboard was free but I could only drop it an inch or so due to the trailer.  It's hard to say for sure bit it appeared to be a flat plate of metal, perhaps mild steel.  As to the condition of the boat the current owner had started prepping the boat for painting by giving it a good sanding all over.  He got down through the gelcoat in spots (the dark spots in the pictures in the ad).

The mast appeared to be in generally good shape, except the masthead sheaves were rusty and stuck.  The spreaders and brackets appeared solid, as did the tangs for the stays.  The masthead crane was separated from the mast extrusion, but the crane itself looked solid and includes a nice masthead light.  The boom seemed fine.  There were four sails in the sail bags - the aforementioned main, a 150 genoa, and two others, one of which I would guess is a working jib, and the last probably being from another boat (it had slugs on it's luff; this boat's mast has a track and not a groove for slugs.

The boat comes on a steel cradle which is sitting atop a tandem axle trailer.  The owner said that he replaced the bearings a year or so ago.  The trailer needs tires, which Jeremy says he will replace as a condition of sale.

The price seems not unreasonable for the trailer and diesel engine alone.  And it seems to be a complete boat.  The rudder and centerboard, which are often missing/damaged on the free boats, are both there and in seemingly good shape.  The spars, including the spreaders and their brackets, seem to be complete and solid


Ps. After seeing this boat today and realizing that it is a Lunn boat, I've been looking back through the roster of Lunn boats. I'm impressed by the similarities between the boat I saw today and Victor Mazella's boat Heaven. Both have the same once-blue decks, both are from NY. The really striking coincidence regards the sails. The jib of the boat I saw today has the exact same same Rathey & Lapthorn sailmaker's patch.

Also, Victor described taking off the dolphin logo from his old main to use on his new main, and that the number on that sail was 40. The main on the boat I saw today was numbered 40 and the stitching on the number and the logo looked fairly new. It's hard to put it all together, since I assume that Victor still has his boat. Just thought I'd pass this along in the hopes that you could make sense of it.

Webmaster Note: My guess is that a prior owner of Heaven sold/gave away a used sail. But the mystery of why that sail has the #40 is 'disturbing'. Heaven is believed to be a Lunn built boat, and original owners of that time very often used their hull # as their sail number. Our page on Builders Numbers gets more deeply into this matter. Click here to go there.

And, regular readers of this website will, no doubt, have noticed that David has been promoted to Senior DFI - whether or not he gets a raise will have to wait for YE audited results....

stay tuned











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