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Marionette's Galley, Ron Breault's Marscot/O'Day #12, (updated February 5, 2014)  

August 1, 2009. I finally remembered to get these pictures of Marionette's galley.

This is the galley with my Glowmaster butane single burner stove and its gas canister. Butane, because it burns hotter. I initially thought Butane was lighter than air so gas would not accumulate in low spots. IT IS NOT LIGHTER THAN AIR! I liked the portability, and as I'm primarily a single hander I can get by with hot coffee, peanut butter sandwiches (I make my own peanut butter!!) soups, and one pot meals - actually, in recent years I mostly get by eating at the bar in a harbor restaurant.

Notice the fake wood strip formica top around the sink, and on the shelf supporting the stove. When I got the boat there was a small upright refrigerator, yes refrigerator, with a door opening out, in the space below the stove. I cut it out to the make the seat - the seat back/shelf you can see above was the original top of the refrigerator. It is rotated up, held in place by the Marionette "peg system" (see arrows below and in Marionette's Table), and provides more working area if needed, as well as a place for the stove. There are holes in the edges of the shelf for fiddles that can be press fit to the edges. I rarely use them - not even when taking pictures - I invariably forget I have them.

When not in use the sink has a fitted cutting board I made to make a larger working surface. The wood grain nearly matches the formica! The neat bronze hand pump I found in a second hand marine parts store. It is connected to a 10 gallon flexible tank beneath the port quarter berth.

I use several small plastic baskets that just fit on the top shelf to organize stuff up there and keep my fresh vegetables and fruit...

Under the sink are lockers for food stuffs - cans, condiments, homemade peanut butter, vodka, aluminum, plastic wrap, etc. Below and behind the seat are dedicated galley lockers - see next picture.

Note arrows pointing out the peg system (now knowns as Ronspeg - click here for more)

Above are the galley shelves in back of the seat back. I keep the silver, wine glasses and china there. In the above photo, the seat back with the formica fake wood strip finish is face down and you cannot help notice that the backside is nicely varnished. This is reversible as the seat back, and sometimes does duty as a serving platter in the cockpit....

In practice, I rarely use the 'stove shelf' in the upper pegged position while single handed cruising. (See picture at top of this page) Instead, I remove the cushions, and the back rest panel, and place the stove right on the seat. Then, I cook sitting down on the starboard settee. The stove and pots and pans are stored in the locker under this seat.

These cushions have a dual purpose. They also help convert the V-berth to a king.

Some day I'll get better pictures of the galley set up.


October 28, 2011. I found a picture of the starboard settee w/cushions in place. Fifteen years ago I decided against a color coordinated full back rest cushion, opting for these throwable life preservers that do triple duty, also serving as a movable backrest here when sitting, feet up, facing aft, and in the cockpit - a Dolphin space preserver concept.... Color coordination is not lost, however - note the blue denim privacy curtain for the forward cabin.

This space is convertible as the picture below shows - it is set up for the Admiral's scheduled arrival. Click here to go to more on this table.







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