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In the very early days of starting this website, when your webmaster basically did not have a clue, the following individuals were particularly helpful. My sincere apologies to those I have overlooked. Since those early days many others have contributed, especially present and former Dolphin owners. There are too many to list. A special thanks to Stan Secora who has been a technical advisor for 30 years, and who told me Marionette would be a good boat to buy.

Name Last Name Comment
Stan  Barnes original owner, Marscot/O'Day #25 Shaman
Roy Berg 1st owner, Black Dolphin, Chief Engr, Lunn Laminates
Doug Berg Early crew, Black Dolphin
Clark duBois Original owner/builder of O'Day # 13, Teridot
Dave Dugan Former owner, Yankee # 79, No Worries
Aaron Erickson Owner, Yankee # 183, Flite
Mike Gooch-Breault Owner, O'Day #10, Passage
Doug Graham Former owner, Pacific Dolphin, Big Dot
Jim (Sham) Hunt 1960 Olympic Gold Medalist with George O'Day; former sales mgr, CEO of O'Day 
Jim Huxford First Dolphin website webmaster, former owner Yankee Dolphin # 221, IIe aux Galet 
Bruce Johnson ex-Sparkman & Stephens
Kerry  Lange Twice owner of Kaloke, a Mermaid 24
Bob Larson Original invester in O'Day Corp; President, US Yachts, sales agent for early Dolphins
Karen Larson Publisher and Co-Editor, Good Old Boat Magazine
Ray Loki Former owner of Yankee Dolphin # 277 Loki
Harry Morgan Sparkman & Stephens
James Nicolas EasyHosting Web site Design
Ron Noe Former owner of an early Lunn built Dolphin, En Charette
Jay Picotte Owner, Tripp built Dolphin Recovery
Dick Rosse Owner #174 Kalea; writer, Chesapeake Bay Magazine
Stan  Secora Former owner O'Day Dolphin # 7 JATO
John Shumaker Founder of Yankee Yachts, former owner of #71 Yankee
Steve Shumaker Former crew on # 71, Yankee; his dad founded Yankee Yachts
Dan  Spurr Author, Heart of Glass, Fiberglass Boats and the Men who Built Them 
Olin  Stephens The man who said "we always thought of the Dolphin as one of our best designs"
Mark Steinhilber His dad owned Rascal
Gordon Thompson Former owner of Yankee Dolphin # 299 Suzanne
Allen Tripp F L Tripp & Sons, Built 4/5 Dolphins
Sandy Van Zandt Sailmaker, former owner Lunn built black Dolphin Hound
Chris Vandersteen Owner of a J.J. Taylor built Dolphin Lezah
Dyke Williams Owner of Trina; author of Good Old Boat article on Dolphins
Phil Zarega Former owner/builder of O'Day # 12, Teal, now Marionette



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