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Eric Geiselhart's Boethius, Yankee # 149, Oceanside Harbor, California (updated May 8, 2021)  

October 19, 2019 - Eric Geiselhart checking in as the new owner of Boethius.

Left, Rick and Eric on board Boethius signing the papers; Right, Eric, the new owner - Click on the photos for larger images

Welcome Aboard, Eric!!!


October 28, 2019. Eric sent in the following email and photos


My friend Chris and I had a great day sailing yesterday. Got some practice with anchoring at the tip of Point Loma. I paddled off the boat and caught some waves at Ralph’s, a surfing spot only accessible by boat, a first for me. We a nice downwind sail all the way to the 5mph buoy in Mission Bay.

Great boat.



May 27, 2020. Eric sent in the following report and photos (minor edits)

Hey Ron,

An update for the Dolphins: A new slip and a new home has opened for Boethius at Oceanside Harbor. After 5 months at Campland in Mission Bay, San Diego, my name came up on the waiting list for Oceanside Harbor. We successfully motored and sailed from Mission Bay up the coast to Oceanside Harbor on Memorial Day 2020 - 36 nautical miles in 9hrs.



Click on these photos for a larger image

Stay Tuned


May 7, 2022 - Former Boethius owner - Rick Kennedy has published a book about his Dolphin 24 (Yankee #149) sailing the coast of Southern California - in Stories Section. Clicking this link will take you there




This is the history we have had on Boethius up to this point in time

October 18, 2019 - We received a note from Rick that Boethius has been sold. Standing by for her new owner to ckeck in.



October 15, 2019. We got the following from Rick


I have not sold my boat yet and need to get it to a good home--otherwise I will have to have it destroyed. So please let the web readers know that I ready to give the boat to a good home.

It is a great boat, but needs cosmetic work on the deck Sails 3 or 4 years old. Yamaha 6hp is 3 years old.

Any interested Dolphinite can call me or email me below

Cell phone # 619-208-0059 or RickKennedy@pointloma.edu

Rick Kennedy



August 31, 2019. For all of us there comes a time....After 19 years Boethius is For Sale. Here's Rick's announcement


Just back from an August trip up to Marina del Rey and out to Catalina Island. Sad to say, I am selling my beloved Dolphin after 19 years of great sailing.

I got a great deal on a 2002 Dana 24 and thought it best to get some headroom for my retirement years. So please list my "Boethius"

For Sale at $4000 or best offer.

Good Condition--new sails about three years ago
6 hp Yamaha
Raytheon Depth Sounder

See pictures below

Contact info: call or text 619-208-0059; email rkennedy@pointloma.edu

I called the mooring office in San Diego and they can probably get a mooring for a new owner.





Rick checked in back in 2009 with this great picture of Boethius.The light is perfect, the empty cockpit, the flag, the tell tales, and you just know Boethius is going to pinch out that weather boat. Note the fully battened main. He has had her since 2001. Her former name with former owner Scott Hoeschen's was Dancing Dolphin. Rick keeps her on a mooring off Shelter Island in San Diego.


March 18, 2009. Rick is a university professor of History and so has a certain perspective on his sailing. He sent in the following email (minor edit), and an essay about sailing in the California Bight - and more.

Dear Ron,

I appreciate very much your work on the Dolphin site.  I was at the orthodontist this week talking with another Dad.  He was looking for a boat and mentioned that he had checked out a great Dolphin web site. 

It would be fun to have a meet this summer (in response to my telling him of a possible upcoming Dolphin Rendezvous)

You ask for what I have been up to.  I attach a short, late-night-thoughts essay I wrote about a trip last summer.  I use such essays to try to get my students thinking about their readings.

Rick Kennedy

Boethius, San Diego

Click here to go to Rick's essay in the Stories Section


June 17, 2010 Correction - Boethius is Hull # 149, not #148.

Dear Ron,

The web site has me listed as owning Dolphin hull #148, but actually I own #149.  I must have given you the wrong number earlier.  Sorry.

I enjoy the website and check in every month or so.  I like the pictures and stories.



July 29, 2010 - Proof!

Here is a photo for your collection



June 22, 2011. Rick sent in a story about Boethius's trip to Eel Point on San Clemente Island. Click here to go to it.


October 28, 2011. An oversight by your webmaster corrected. Rick's story about Boethius' trip to Eel Point included some pictures that should have also been posted on this page. Here they are with Rick's excerpted comments (minor edits and repositioning)

I add a couple of interior pictures. (I would like to see more pictures of what people have done with their own interiors.) I cut several inches off of the table to allow for easier movement

Boethius’ galley** 

**Webmaster Note: Click the caption below the pictures for a larger view - use your back arrow on your browser to get back here. Also, your webmaster's Marionette, Marscot/O'Day #12 has a similar stove, except his is powered with Butane, not Propane. And, these interior pictures and Rick's comments have been included in the Technical Section on Interiors/galleys.

Here is my anchor set-up on the bow. It is awkward, but the anchor needs to be mounted so that it is not hit by my mooring ball. My mooring area has an official name but is always called by everybody: “Rock-n-Roll.” It is the cheapest mooring, I think, in all Southern California.

I have 200’ of anchor chain plus a 175’ of rode. The Channel Islands are rocks that rise steeply out of deep water. Anchoring on them is often simply clinging to a broad ledge fairly deep below the surface. (There is no need for a swing-keel here in these waters. No wonder the Pacific Dolphins converted to a fixed keel.) Webmaster Note: Rick must be thinking of the New Zealand Dolphins which have a fixed keel - the Pacific Dolphins had centerboards. As for the need for good scope, the Santa Barbara channel anchorages are especially windy. Even what looks like a protected anchorage in the lee of an island can turn out to be where particular gusts hit after being concentrated in island canyons. A lot of chain aids one’s sleep. To get all that chain-weight away from the bow, I put a PVC pipe angled aft from the deck pipe. This pipe is visible in the picture of my V-berth. I drop rode and chain down the deck pipe and every once in a while go below and pull the weighty mass as far aft as it will go.

I offer a picture on a calm morning before the fishing boats start roaring by—not to mention the cruise ships, tug boats, aircraft carriers, tour boats, and Navy Seal teams that always drive through the bay at full throttle.

Boethius motoring west, mid morning June 18, 2011. Note the calm seas - also the self-steering rig

The Pacific usually lives up to its name on Southern California mornings. You can see this in the pictures. I bought Boethius ten years ago, and the price included a Tohatsu 9.8 hp long-shaft, 2 cycle outboard along with an elderly autopilot. The motor is bigger than the boat normally needs, but I can hook it up to recharge my batteries while it pushes me along. This means that my electricity-sucking autopilot can suck continuously during the long mornings when Southern California has no wind. See below the pictures that were taken when Boethius and I were about 15 miles west of Point Loma with 40 more miles to go.

Note the safety line running from my harness to a pad eye bolted at the aft end of the cockpit.

Note that on aft starboard quarter is a coiled-up rock-climbing ladder so that if I did fall overboard, I could get myself back on board.


April 18, 2016. It had been a while since we've heard from Rick - so we checked in on him. Here's his reply


I enjoy the web site and appreciate you contacting me for an update.  Boethius and I have been together now 15 years.  Next month I plan to take her for two weeks from San Diego, through the islands, to Point Conception, to Santa Barbara, and back. Here is a couple of pictures from last Fall's trip up to Dana Point and back.  One picture is Point Loma Light at sunset.

I also attach a short write-up on my January 31 mishap with El Nino. Click here to go to that story

I wish you and all Dolphin owners the best. 


Click on the above photos for a larger image

With Google Earth's help we thought we'd show what a cruise from San Diego to Dana Point might look like on a chart - about 55 miles one way provided the breeze was right.

Rick is a professor of History at Point Loma Nazerene University in San Diego, and a writer. He has somehow managed to convince his bosses that his courses can be taught on his sailboat.......He also has given interviews while sailing on Boethius regarding his works that are on youTube. Looks like he enjoys his 'work'. Here are the links





May 15, 2016. Last month Rick told us he was planning a cruise up the coast to Santa Barbara. Click here to read Rick's report of what happened - strong breeze, Blue Whale, broken boom, and a safe return. Click the return arrow on your browser to get back here. This is a PDF format so depending on how it appears on your screen you might want to 'zoom' in a bit to enlarge your view.

This is what's called an 'attention getter' photo......


May 29, 2016. Rick got his boom fixed - his report is below (minor edits) , and also included in our Technical Sections - Booms. Click here to go there.

Dear Dolphin-Master Ron,

Below is a picture of my boom, fixed after my wing-and-wing debacle.  I took it to the local rigger who does lots of race boats.  He said it was a common fix.  I lost 1 1/2 inches off the length of the boom in order to make the nice joint.   A sleeve is riveted inside.  Total cost, mostly labor, was about $300. 

Note at right my new Ullman sails!  Their shop is above the rigger.  I ordered them last winter.  Jib and Main together cost around $2700.



June 12, 2016. Rick Kennedy (Boethius, Yankee #149) brought a previously unknown Dolphin to our attention (maybe a Newly Found Dolphin? if so our 225th) - (minor edits)


This Pacific Dolphin is in the hills behind San Diego and has not been sailed for ten or so years. It was very nicely kept up until hauled into the hills. It was built without a drop centerboard. I am told that the owner will sell it if somebody wants to give him a fair offer.

If someone is interested in buying it, they should contact me. I will connect that person to the owner.

Enclosed are some pictures (See Webmaster Note below - updated July 22, 2018)


Webmaster Note: We set up a page for this Dolphin (we'll call it the SanDiegoHills Dolphin. Click here to go there

September 7, 2016. Responding to a webmaster follow up seeking confirmation of a maliciously rumored Boethius Bora Bora cruise this summer, Rick advised not so - lots of day sailing....


Sorry to say.  Lots of 1 hour day sails, but did not get a chance to do much more. 



January 12, 2017. Update from Rick


Winter in San Diego is busy and keeping me from as much sailing as I would like. It does, however, have excellent light. I send you a picture (below). By the way, my daughter gave me a book from your home waters called "Moon Wind at Large" by Constant Waterman (Matthew Goldman). Excellent fun reading. I want to get his earlier book, apparently about sailing a Cape Dory Typhoon.


Click here for a large image of Boethius


Webmaster Note: Thanks Rick - this book is about 'my backyard' and I never heard of it!

The book is now waiting for me at the local library

Click here to see a Google version


July 10, 2017 We got the following update and photos from Rick.


I enjoy reading on the web site and seeing pictures of what our Dolphin cohort is up to. I here send my summer update for the technical section and general news. I hope to have a voyage later this summer, but such plans are always tentative.

First. On a recent daysail up and back from Point Loma to La Jolla Point, two osprey came to play when I was motoring in the windless early morning. One landed on the mast and hung on for several minutes while the other checked out my rigging.

Click here for a larger image of Osprey photo

Webmaster Note. This 'bird thing' got started up in Alaska with Paul Lugin and Windswept's bald eagles.......

Second. I have been moved by the Powers that Be to a new mooring in America's Cup Harbor in Shelter Island where I sit now parking-lot style with a Catalina bow-stern mooring. This means I now need to use my motor every time I want to sail.

Given pending back issues in my old age, I had to figure out a way to raise and lower the motor with minimal strain.

Here are pictures:


Click on these photos for larger images


Webmaster Note: We have added these pictures and Rick's relevant comments about his boom motor lift to the Technical Section on outboard motors - click here to go there

Finally. I looked longingly at some half-hull wall mounts on your web site, but decided instead to copy and enlarge the technical drawing on your website. Here is the wall of my office:

Thanks for keeping up the web site. It is always a pleasure to wander in it.


Click on these photos for larger images


February 25, 2018 An east coast prod got this west coast report (minor edits).


Good that you are a taskmaster whipping us Dolphins to pod together.

Here is an short account of our 'Excellent Adventure': A San Diego to Santa Barbara "There and Back Again" last summer. Hoping to do something similar in 2018.

Click here for a larger image

The above 'chart', viewed with the one in the middle of this page, will help position Rick's hand drawn map

I wanted to get to Point Conception, but big winds and short choppy waves were against us when we got up to the Santa Barbara Channel.

We hid in Johnson's Lee on Santa Rosa Island for dinner and tried again at midnight to motor up to Cuyler Harbor on San Miguel Island, but even at midnight the wind was blowing straight at us at about 40 mph.

So after falling off to Santa Barbara town and then a wild ride down to East Fish Camp on Anacapa Island, I went out to little Santa Barbara Island.

Every anchorage I went to in the upper islands we were alone.

Webmaster notes: Rick was solo on this cruise.....

and, on the right, that's a loose footed main


Click on these photos for a larger image

Eventually got home after 439 nautical miles of sailing.

A few months later I hauled out.

I painted topsides and bottom. Boethius is looking better than when I bought her in March of 2001. Seventeen years together and counting.

A great boat for the California Bight.

Thanks again Ron for all your work.

Webmaster Note: That's father-in-law "Pop" supervising.....


May 18, 2018. Rick sent in a Boethius log article about her recent 'trip back home'.We have added this to our Stories Section

Log of Boethius
Pilgrimage to the Yankee Dolphin Homeland of Santa Ana
May 2018

Click here to go there


December 4, 2018. Rick is working on a new book, guided in part by his life with Boethius. We have added it to our Stories Section along with the other 'articles' he has sent us. He is interested in the thoughts/comments of Dolphin owners/wanna be's/website readers/etc......


So I am messing around on Saturday mornings writing a book about messing around in my Dolphin. I send the first three chapters if you think it worthy to put it in the "Stories" file. I will be interested if any Dolphinistas

1. Are interested
2. Would read more
3.Can't figure out what this book is about

Feel free to give them my email to tell me their thoughts. (RickKennedy@pointloma.edu)

Rick Kennedy
Professor of History
Point Loma Nazarene University
3900 Lomaland Dr
San Diego, CA 92106

Webmaster Note: Readers may be interested in seeing two 'author' youtube interviews with Rick that are also in our Stories Section. To go there click these links

Eerdman's Author Interview Series and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OLEhMwqSGrY&feature=youtu.be

Stay Tuned

March 7, 2019. Despite 'unfavorable' weather conditions in much of the country Rick has been working. Click here for a report on his March 3-5 cruise from San Diego up to Oceanside, California and back.

And, in true DFI fashion he spied a possibly previously unfound Dolphin docked across the street from the Oceanside Harbor Office. She's looking in tough shape

Click here for a larger image. Any 'news' on this boat please contact the webmaster - RonBreault@cs.com

Postscript: Your webmaster spoke with Ted, the Harbormaster, this morning. Their protocol prevents providing information to 3rd parties. The boat has been impounded. I asked that he contact me, if possible, if there is any news he could share.

Stay Tuned



May 22, 2019 Rick sent in another cruise story - here's his email and a teaser pic. Click here to go to the full story.


I hope all is well with you.  I attach an account of my most recent coastal sail.


Descanso Bay, Santa Catalina Island


July 4, 2019 Rick is a Senior DFI and he has been working hard for that year end bonus. Click here to check out his latest work - MEMORIES, Pacific Dolphin #269


































































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