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Rob MacLean's Anne Bonny, Yankee Dolphin #97, FOR SALE Vallejo Yacht Club, upper San Francisco Bay, California - updated September 3, 2022  

September 3, 2022 - This appeared on the Dolphin 24 Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/dolphin24sailboats

Anyone interested in buying No. 97 "Anne Bonny in the Bay Area?



August 25, 2017. Rob MacLean has checked in as the new owner of Anne Bonny, Yankee #97

Last week I bought the “Anne Bonny” (Hull No.97) where she currently resides at the Vallejo Yacht club. She’s in pretty good shape, needs some TLC and we’ll be heading out into the bay in the new year. I was working in the cabin when a Baltic 38 came back from a race and the captain said “That boat looks good on you!” That made my day. There aren’t that many Dolphins out and about in the Bay Area and a couple old salts said they’d like to see her out in the bay, and I am happy to oblige them.

Have a good weekend.

R.A. MacLean,
Skipper, “Anne Bonny”

Welcome Aboard Rob!

August 31, 2017 A voice from Anne Bonney's past - this email came in over the transom

Hi Ron,

I'm the previous owner that sold Anne Bonny through Michael at Fraser Yachts back in '99 (check out the email Craig is referring to that we found on the old Dolphin 24 website near the bottom of this page)

I stumbled across your site while looking into boats and couldn't believe it. I wish I would have known it was for sale again. Sad to hear she is in need of TLC, I put a lot of work into that little boat.

Sounds like she found a good home.

Craig Foster


October 9, 2017 - Anne Bonny is on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/groups/dolphin24sailboats/ Note the Teak!!

"....taken the other day after I got rid of the 10 layers of varnish off the Teak-night and day!"


February 27, 2018 We got the following update from Rob.


Signed on for The Great Vallejo Race on April 28th - 20.5 mile downwind run from off Alcatraz Island to the Vallejo Yacht Club. It’s the largest race in Northern California, and I can’t find any history of a Dolphin entered in it (at least not in the past several years). I’m in the Non-Spinnaker division, and my crew is my Dad and My brother.

Details to follow........


Right - Vallejo Yacht Club

Stay Tuned

May 7, 2017. Rob sent in his Great Vallejo Race report only 'minutes' behind Stephanie Lucas's (Adelante, Yankee #127) report. Here's a link to the regatta history https://www.vallejoyc.org/great-vallejo-race

We had a good run. It was with family, and it made the race special. We were cruising up and down the Napa River (the Vallejo YC is located on the Napa River) the next day when we came across Adelante. I yelled at them “I LOVE YOUR BOAT!!” Not too often 2 Dolphins pass by each other on the west coast!


L to R Brother Scott, Dad, and Skipper


May 1, 2019. It's that time of year again, and Annie Bonny is ready. Here's Rob's update.

Hey Ron,

Over here on the West Coast we’re getting ready once again for the 120th annual Great Vallejo Race here in San Francisco Bay, May 4th.

Anne Bonny (#97) is ready to go - heading out to stay (hopefully) at the Richmond Yacht Club Friday night, and head out Saturday morning for the race, representing the Vallejo Yacht Club.

Stay tuned for results.


Rob MacLean, Skipper, “Anne Bonny”

She's lookin good!!!! and Good Luck!!!

May 7, 2019 - VICTORY!! Report from Rob


Am recovering from celebrating at the Vallejo Yacht Club Saturday/Sunday. We were victorious in our Division Saturday, May 4th at the Great Vallejo Race. Bonny FLEW to Mare Island, blessed with good winds and currents. But a good boat needs a good crew, and with my Dad and Brother Scott, she was in good hands.

West Coast Dolphins can win too. Cheers,

R.A. MacLean
Anne Bonny (No. 97)








Keeping track of Anne Bonny has been a bit of a challenge - this is the history we have had on her up to this date


April 19, 2016. We got the following email from Hugo Knef checking in as the new owner of Anny Bonny


Just purchased hull #97. Anne Bonny. She is in great shape. Just needs some lovin. Would like to register for your site.




Postscript; April 20, 2016 (minor edits)

I will be keeping her at the Vallejo Yacht Club.

She was donated to the Richmond Yacht Club a while back by previous owner who couldn't sail her due to age and lost interest.

Last survey was good. Rudder repaired. Some other work needed. I have always admired these boats. Had a Tartan 30 that I sold last year.

This Dolphin is a good replacement. Bit easier for short handed sailing and cruising the north bay

In the picture below we are sailing home last Friday.

Click on the map at right for a larger image




This is the history we had to this date on Anne Bonny

January 22, 2106. Well, Anne Bonny's current owner never did check in but we kept an eye on her. Thanks to DFI Mike Friel (Makarios, #241) we caught her Craigslist For Sale ad. http://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/boa/5410775234.html. Here's the ad

Yankee Dolphin - $7800 (Richmond Point Annex)

1968 Yankee Dolphin 24 Anne Bonny (Hull #97)

LOA: 24.16'. LWL: 19'. Draft: 5.16'(board down), 2.83' (board up). Beam: 7.67'.
Displacement: 4250 lbs. Ballast: 1650 lbs

Click on the photos for a larger view

With her classic lines, characteristic of the Sparkman and Stephens touch, this Olin Stephens design has become something of a cult boat for lovers of the traditional pocket cruiser/racer. Her design pedigree is unmistakable. Olin Stephens himself, in a note to the sales manager of the O'Day Corporation said ". . .we have always thought of the Dolphin as one of our best designs." Anne Bonny has a main and roller furling jib. When there's no wind, she has a 5 hp 4-stroke Tohatsu OB that mounts in a covered well.

She has a vee berth forward . Moving aft, there is a head to starboard and hanging locker to port. On the port side in the main cabin is the ice box, stainless steel sink, and a platform for an alcohol stove (not included). On starboard is a dinette table that drops down between the facing settees to form a double berth with the included cushions. To find out more about these great little vessels and see the high regard in which they are held by their owners, check out the class web site at www.dolphin24.org. Anne Bonny is ready to go, and offers an excellent opportunity to
acquire a sweet sailing classic whose value will be easily increased by a little TLC. $7,800

Contact: 4c2rp-5410775234@sale.craigslist.org

. **************************



November 10, 2011. Back on June 18, 2011, DFI Chuck Daut told us he found 2 Dolphins at the Marlinship Park Marina in Sausalito, California, Anne Bonny and Gandalf. We have known about these boats for nearly 3 years but had no information about them. Anne Bonny was listed for sale on Jim Huxford's old Dolphin 24 website archives back in 1999, and when we found those archives, we listed Anne Bonny on our Roster, but without a page link, because we did not set up a page for her. The three email postings we extracted from the Huxford 'website archives' are below.

Yesterday, DFI Nicole Breault, on special assignment, got us the the following pictures.

It may be that some readers are not aware of Anne Bonny's reputation as a famous 18th century Irish lady pirate? Wikipedia will fill in this gap if you click here.

A pirate's lair is always guarded and Anne Bonny's was no exception. Our DFI managed to get these pictures but reports "I want you to know that I had to work under the watchful eyes of a barking guard dog for some of these shots. If you zoom into the shadows of the bridge entrance of the cabin cruiser photo, you'll see the outline of the tough guy who tried to frighten me away!"


These are the posts from the old Dolphin website.

Fraser Yachts.
320 Harbor Drive
Sausalito, CA 94965, USA
Dolphin 24
Date: Wed, 24 Feb 1999 14:43:16
From: Michael Wreyford
Organization: Fraser Yachts Worldwide

Check out "Anne Bonny" on our website, http://www.fraseryachts.com
For a spec sheet, email me a FAX # or mailing address. Thanks.
Michael Wreyford
Office 415.332.5311
FAX 415.332.7036


Subject: Dolphin for Sale?
Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2000 12:15:35 -0500
From: "Jerry Garner"
To: Jim Huxford

I looked at "Dolphin fleet mail", "Dolphin sagas and fleet list" and "Dolphins for sale/wanted".
1960 O'Day #20, "Darwin" for sale by Josh Lyons for $4200 - I didn't check
1971 Yankee Dolphin for sale by EFERREL for $8500 - I sent him an E-mail
1970 Yankee Dolphin "Wanderlust" by SDUBNOFF, sold per elsewhere in your site.
1969 Yankee Dolphin #148 by Ron Bohannon for $9995, sold per your site.
1968 Yankee Dolphin "Anne Bonne" by FraserYachts for$13.5k, sold - I called them.
#248 by Jerry Johnson - I sent him an E-mail.
I think that's it for the boats on your site. Did I miss any?


So, thanks to Chuck and Nicole we have found Anne Bonny, our 183rd Found Dolphin! Click here to go to that page. With a bit of luck Anne Bonny's owner will check in and we will find out what she has been up to.

Stay tuned.











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