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John Wood's and Patricia Supplee's Tedwin (ex Recovery/Imp), a Tripp Built Dolphin, SOLD, Flathead Lake, Missoula and Dayton, Montana - updated August 21, 2022  

August 21, 2022 - We got the following email from John. We'll standby for the new owner Ron Albert to check in and wish John and Patricia fair winds.

Hi Ron,

I’m happy to report that we have found a new caretaker for Tedwin. Ron Albert of New Hampshire has taken custody,
and will be taking Tedwin back east. Pat and I certainly enjoyed our far too brief relationship with Tedwin, and are glad that he will
be in good hands.

Thanks for all you do to maintain a great website



July 13, 2022 - We got the following email from John and Patricia

Hi Ron,

Unexpected life changes are forcing Pat and I to put Tedwin up for sale. Lots of information already on your site. Pat and I added a roller furler jib, replaced the failing Raymarine auto tiller with a new unit, repainted the interior, and I took care of a few soft spots that turned up in our survey.

Here’s a link to our Craigslist ad. https://kalispell.craigslist.org/boa/d/dayton-1966-dolphin-24-fl-tripp/7489655340.htm l

July 14, 2022 New Link!! 1966 Dolphin 24, FL Tripp #2 - boats - by owner - marine sale 

Let me know if you need more information.

Thanks much!

John and Patricia


July 14, 2019 John Wood checking in as the new owner of Recovery, a Tripp built Dolphin. We decided to give Recovery a new 'Montana' page. She was previously owned by Jay Picotte, Newport, Rhode Island (click here to go to that page)

Hi Ron -

I apologize for taking so long to check in. I am very familiar with your website, as that is how we found Recovery. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to Jay for his willingness to work with us to prep the boat and trailer for her long trip to western Montana, I’m sure it would have been much easier for him to sell it locally.

He has also graciously answered all of my questions in great detail as we continue to learn about the boat. I’m pleased to report that she sails as good as she looks! Below - A few more pictures from Montana Webmaster Note: workng backwords timewise because we need start to start her new page with this great picture!).

John Wood and Patrica Supplee

Missoula and Dayton, Montana

Above in the classic Montana “sunshine and rain". Recovery seems to be adjusting to her new home just fine.

In the water!

Ready for launch

Arrival in Missoula!



September 28, 2019 - So, your webmaster was at Marionette's homeport, Niantic Bay YC in Niantic, CT this morning, for an early Saturday morning cup of coffee, and picked up the club's copy of the October issue of Sailing Magazine. Hey! On pages 8 and 9 was Nick Hayes's 'On the Wind' series titled "Good Boats have owners - Great Boats have stewards". Ok, I'll buy that so I read. And, guess what? He was talking about a Dolphin 24!!!!

We are standing by for permission to reprint a full copy of the article but here's the ending of Nick's article - pretty much says it all.


September 29, 2019 John and Pat responded to our Tedwin/Sailing Magazine update

Hi Ron (and Jay),

Of course I knew an article was coming, but did not know it was in the current issue - I’ll have to pick up a copy. To fill you both in as to how this article came to be, let me explain...

Nick is an old friend, and I enlisted his help last year when we were searching for a new boat. The first “for sale” ad link he sent me was a Dolphin, albeit a Yankee Dolphin in Santa Barbara, CA. (Webmaster note This was probably another beauty http://www.dolphin24.org/feather.html) Fortunately for us, that one didn’t work out. Over the course of a few months we ran many boats by Nick, and he commented on their merits or demerits, and plotted them on a graph. We slowly narrowed the field of contenders. When I first happened upon Jay’s ad on your website, I thought “beautiful boat” but for some reason that I can no longer recall, perhaps the roller furler boom made me nervous, I crossed it off my list.

A few weeks later, a friend in San Francisco, who knew that Dolphins were on our short list, sent me the link to your for sale page, and I again found Jay’s ad, and thought “what a beautiful boat, why did I discount it earlier?” The more I studied Jay’s page, the more convinced I became that Recovery was a special boat. And it just happened that Pat and I had a trip to NYC planned in a couple weeks, the perfect time to check out the boat. I imagine that Jay thought that this crazy couple from Montana were wasting his time, but by that point I was already quite smitten - It would take a serious issue to dissuade me.

So... once the deal was made, and the boat was delivered, plans for Nick and Angela’s visit quickly took shape. And it was an awesome week of great old friends, fabulous old boat, and terrific sailing (a couple pictures attached). Pat and I feel honored to be the current stewards of this special boat!

John and Pat

Website staff commented that setting has a lot to do with great pics

Click on these photos for a larger image


October 10, 2019 Nick Hayes sent us the link to his Sailing magazine (October issue) article. You can read the full article by clicking here.


December 22, 2019 - Responding to a webmaster plea (are you listening Dolphin owners?) for a year ending update John sent in the following report.

Hi Ron,

We had an unseasonably warm 50 degrees yesterday (17 in Old Lyme, CT!!), with mid to upper 40’s predicted for the next few days. The big news from Flathead was a big storm that hit the last week of September. Sustained winds of 35mph gusting to 55 resulted in 4-6’ waves and wreaked havoc at the local marina. At least 3 boats were destroyed, and a handful of others were damaged. Happy to report that Tedwin rode out the storm on his mooring with no issues. Fortunately we had advanced warning, so I made a mid-week dash up to the lake to remove everything I could, add an extra mooring line, and get him really buttoned up.

We pulled him out the following weekend, hauled him the 1/4 mile to our driveway, and got him put away for the winter (a couple of pictures attached). Jay had included the large canvas tarps and associated hardware that he had used, but I could not figure out his system. But I was able to use his general idea to quickly and easily fabricate my own using 2x4’s. I feel good about the results, but I guess we won’t know for sure if we’ve done a good job until spring.

One more bit of news, in order to keep first mate Patricia happy, we have ordered a roller furler system for the jib. I have mixed feelings about this, being a bit of a traditionalist, but I’m willing to give up a bit of performance to gain a happier sailing partner. All in all we’ve had a great first year with Tedwin and are already looking forward to getting him back in the water next spring.

John and Patricia.

Click on the photos above for a larger image


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