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Alan Manzer's Rachel, 1963 O'Day, at Larson's Marina, Waukegan, Illinois was sold to Hooman Bahmandeji, Skokie Illinois - updated June 30, 2015  

June 30, 2015. We have a report from past Wilmette Fleet Captain Kristin Keenan, confirming that Hooman Bahmandeji is the owner of Rachel. (Hooman also owns Delphinis)

May 6, 2014. Things move pretty fast - Rachel has had 3 different owners in the past several weeks. Alan advises Rachel has been sold to a Hooman Bahmandeji from Skokie, Illinois. We'll stand by for the new owner to check in. The reason Alan changed his mind was that the cost to ship her to the West Coast was more than he anticipated. He is still looking for a Dolphin 24 but will concentrate efforts on the west coast. We are working with Alan to get some history on his 1st Dolphin 24 Delphinus (or possibly Delphiniums). Here is his email (edited)


The "Rachel" Saga continues..... I've sold her

The buyer lives in Skokie and had a Catalina 22 in the same harbor as 'Rachel' has been in for all these years, ..he also plans on keeping her there again.

Perhaps 'Rachel" just was not supposed to leave her old familiar waters eh ? I do believe that some vessels do have such a spirit' as well as a sensitive nature.

Alan Manzer

We'll set up a new page for Rachel when the new owner checks in.


April 16, 2014. Change in plans. Rachel is again FOR SALE. Here is Alan's email.


How fast things can change--- I'd like to re-list the Dolphin I just bought from Matt.. The "Rachel" was listed on Ebay (with photos) as well as your site. The price is exactly as I paid for her - $ 1300.00 plus 1- months storage of $90.00 at Larsen's Marina. The Palmer 27 & the trailer alone is quite a find I should think

I have located other Dolphins here on the 'West Coast' so I don't have to get into an expensive transport. The transport bids were much more than I had anticipated.

Thanks for your help Ron, ....Dolphin folks are lucky to have such a great Web


Persons interested may contact Alan Manzer by email: zermatt3@comcast.net

To see a copy of the Ebay ad that Alan refers to above - click here.



March 30, 2014. A couple of days ago Alan Manzer checked in as the new owner of Rachel, a 1963 O'Day built boat that has been in Wilmette Harbor, Illinois for the past 45 years. Alan is a past Dolphin owner (Delphinus - we'll have more about her later) and, after trailering Rachel to Oregon and fitting her out, he plans eventually on shipping her to her new home in Hilo, Hawaii. Here are his excerpted/edited emails.

A 2nd Love Affair

Aloha Ron,

Having owned a previous Dolphin 24 I was pleased to become the successful purchaser of "Rachel", Matt Struve's boat. Sold the previous "Delphinus" out of King Harbor Calif, at which time not enough time to use her, too busy earning a living , in town and out ..

Now I'm retired and have the time so I'll be able to cruise new water in The Puget Sound and The 'San Juan's..... It' my turn now. I'm blessed !

Out of respect for the boat and Mariner's tradition---her name will remain 'Rachel'....

Alan (in Oregon)

ps I will photo document the over the road trip from Illinois. Her fitting out will (temporarily ) be in McMinnville Oregon prior to shipping her to a permanent home in Hilo Hawaii.

I will hunt for the previous Delphinus D-24 papers & photos.

pps I'm amazed at this web site, so informative and well put together. Let me know when you establish paid membership. Especially enjoyed the 'trailer' article -- The wealth of info found during my research is fantastic. Just wanted to thank you and your contributors..

I've been boning up on Pat Royce's companion book "Trailer Boating" also for my asphalt cruise from Evanston Illinois to Oregon.


Alan is planning on keeping Rachel's original Palmer inboard and is looking for a parts/service dealer in his general area. Any info/leads on this much appreciated.

Pending Alan's pictures of Rachel we'll use this file photo at left. Click here to go to Rachel in Wilmette Harbor.

Stay tuned


April 8, 2014. We got the following update from Alan (minor edits).
Buenos Dias, Aloha & good morning.... Just a note about the on-going Saga of Rachel. The previous owner (Matt) will be trailering Rachel to "'Larsen Marine" in Waukegan for Dry Storage for a couple months prior to shipping her to the West coast. The economics of me traveling to pick her up and trailoring her to the coast would cost more than a commercial carrier. Be nice to find someone reliable to hook it up to their pick-up and trailer it out, however.......?

Re - The Delphinus ? Still no photo found --- I do know she was a Yankee, built in the LA area . her name might have been spelled Delphiniums. Rather than change her name I removed the name from her transom.. Might track her down through the Calif State CF #....

Also , if available would like a copy of the Dolphin book ? Webmaster Note: ALAS - we are Sold Out...

Have not verified my Rachel number as 236 other than stated on The Illinois State Title. Kathy Larsen at "Larsen Marine" seemed to think iF it was built in 1963 (as stated) the hull number would be a smaller number (we agree). She seems to be quite aware of Dolphins....generally speaking. Perhaps we will never know, eh ?

In any event , I'll just keep trying for a Starboard Tack...

Alan sv /Rachel





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