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John Gish's Savili, Lunn #200, Portland, Oregon  

October 12, 2017. Its been a while since we announced Savili, Lunn #200, was sold. Her new owner, John Gish, recently picked her up in Jonesport, Maine and, resisting the urge to round Cape Horn, trailered her from Jonesport, Maine to Portland, Oregon. We are setting up this new page for her. John and your webmaster have exchanged emails over the months. You can click here to go to Savili's old page when Gary DeLong had her, and click here to go to En Charette, her name in an earlier life.

Hello Ron,

Time for an update on Savili I found time for finally getting her west. There was the option of sailing around Cape Horn, but in the end she was loaded on a trailer (the one I got from Yanqui when she was sold) for a windward haul across the country, from Jonesport, Maine to Portland, Oregon. This journey proved fairly uneventful, both trailer and vessel riding behind my truck quietly through sun, rain and a bit of snow even. Next steps are a big cleaning weekend and stowing all the gear away for the winter months.



Welcome Aboard John!

Click on the photos for larger images (nice truck!)

John refers to his trailer above, "the one I got from Yanqui". An interesting side story". The following is part of John's email from July 21.


I did jump into the Dolphin community of the Pacific Northwest as you hinted, helping Joe launch Yanqui (Joe Arnold, Yankee #197 - click here to go there) along with Steve the new owner, and then motoring through the Ballard locks to Yanqui's new berth in Seattle. It was super helpful to watch Joe rig and launch and I took a lot of photos of the process.

As a part of that, I now have a Dolphin trailer to put under Savili, but there's a bit of country stretching between them before they meet up. It looks like I'll head out and bring Savili west in September, that's the soonest I can get the time off to make the trip.

I don't think on that run I'll be running south far enough to pass through Old Lyme, CT, unfortunately. (webmaster's home)

Click on these photos to see larger images

John sent in a couple of pictures taken of Savili when she was in Jonesport. The motor is the original Palmer Husky 8 hp rebuilt last in 2006.

Stay Tuned





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