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WANTED - Dolphin 24 in Hawaii (updated May27, 2014)  

May 21, 2014 - Dick has found his boat. We'll pull this down after giving him a few days to think it over

As much as I wanted a Dolphin, I have decided to buy an Erickson 25 in the San Francisco Bay Area which will save $4500 for trans U.S. Shipment. So, please let it be known that John's #227 is available at a super low price w/trailer.
Thanks for all your help and patience.

Dick Medve


May 3, 2014 Dick Medve is back looking for a Dolphin (minor edit)

Aloha Ron
Even though the Triton 28 was free, I am abandoning the project and back to my search for a Dolphin 24. I have a mainland friend that is willing to deliver a boat from San Francisco in August. Keep my search alive please.
Dick Medve

email: dickmedve@aol.com



April 4, 2014. We got the following email

Dolphin 24 wanted in Hawaii

email: dickmedve@aol.com


April 14, 2014 Dick has found his boat

Aloha Ron
I have been given FREE a Pearson Triton 28 ! So, thanks for your efforts as I never heard from mine.




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