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Aborn "Denny"and Marge Smith's Marscot/O'Day Trump It, New London, Connecticut - updated April 18, 2014


January 14, 2008 Denny Smith passed away in 2007. Your webmaster had a delightful conversation with Marge Smith on January 14 about their Dolphin. In the 1960's and early 70's Dolphins were the boats to beat in the 40-50 boat Class B Division of the Off Soundings Club. They found their boat in a Soundings Magazine ad. So they got a trailer and went to Pennsylvania to get her. They named her Trump It and had her for about 2 years before the pressures of a 6 kid family made them buy a Tarten 27 (named Trumpet).

Mark Steinhilber (Rascal) sent us this picture on April 18, 2014


On March 5, 2008 Mark Steinhilber, whose father Dick owned Rascal, sent in the following email (excerpted).

"Our family owned and raced that boat from about 1970 or 1971 till about 1977. The boat had previously been Aborn D. Smith's boat named Trump It, and was briefly owned by Toby Hermes, both of whom were long term members at Thames and had raced against my dad for many years in Quincy Adams 17's.  When we sold the boat, the new owner was the dad of a high school friend of mine, a Mr. Selman of Niantic, who eventually retired to Florida and may have moved the boat. ....we bought Trump It from Toby Hermes as the boat was awaiting haul out at Niantic Boatyard where we also hauled our Quincy Adams 17 alongside the Atlantic fleet and MarLeeGo for many years."

For the complete text of Mark's email click here and go to Rascal  


April 18, 2014. Mark clearly has found the mother lode and shares it with us. In addition to the great photo above are the following:

Hi Ron:
I have some new pictures for you. First, I have a picture of Trump It (top of page) and I think she is being sailed by Denny Smith’s oldest son, Denny Jr. You can just see New London Light between the main and Genoa. This is probably about the same year as Denny won Off Soundings with Trump-It.

Note that the engine exhaust is on the port side of the transom and the running lights are right above where the cockpit coaming attaches to the house. This is the only Marscot that I know of with these features that may help identify if Dol fyn is in fact, Trump-It and later Rascal.

Next, we have a picture of the Thames Yacht Club crew at the US Coast Guard Academy Luders 44 invitational. Denny Smith skippered the Thames crew to a win.

Shown in the photo, L to R: Unknown?, DIck Steinhilber, Toby Hermes???, Jim Anderson, Bill Lueze, Aborn D. Smith (Skipper), Dave Bourne, Pete Brouwer, Jim Avery, Bob Geary, and unknown? Click on photo to go to a larger view

Finally, Thames YC runs a Fall series called the Chowder Series. I believe this next picture is the awards presentation for all classes and the overall “jug” winner for 1969 as the previous winner painted on the jug was Jato, Stan Secora. In this picture are 3 Dolphin owners, although not at the same time.

Left to Right, Dick Steinhilber “Aqua Magic QA-17 (and Rascal), Dave Bourne, “Tempest” Erickson 35, Stan Secora, “Jato” Dolphin 24 and Tartan 27?, Bill Avery Presenting, Unknown - maybe Kevin Farrar?, Denny Smith “Trump-It”, Dolphin, and Bill Lueze, “Yankee” Ensign. Click on the photo to go to a larger view

Perhaps this might be nice to put this photo in Stan Secora’s Jato page as he won overall in 1966 and 1968, first with the Dolphin 24 Jato, and then in 1968 with either the Dolphin 24, or his Tartan 27, also named Jato. Webmaster Note: Done - click here to go there

Thanks Mark






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