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TRINA - Shaw 24 #1, prior owner Dyke William's File Photos and Articles  

October 5, 2012. Previous owner Dyke Williams has sent in his file of TRINA pictures and articles that had been in the care of Mystic Seaport for the past 10 years of so. This was part of a failed effort then to donate Trina to Mystic Seaport. She is a truly classic boat and efforts continue to find a home for her that will restore her to original condition. She is now at Monument Beach on Cape Cod at Rivendell Marine, the boat yard that restored her in 2000.


Designer Bill Shaw

Information Sheet

The following is from an unknown, at this point, magazine. Maybe someone will recognize it

From unknown magazine

This is an article from Good Old Boat Magazine. It is a review of the Bristol 24 and it makes a comparison to Trina, the Dolphin 24 and the Cape Dory 25D

Good Old Boat Review by Ted Brewer - comparison to the Bristol 24

The following is a 1965? article from One Design and Offshore Yachtsman

Article page 1

Article page 3

article page 4

Article page 5

Article page 6

End of One Design and Offshore Yachtsman Article

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