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Stu Polhamus' Pacific #271, Het Loo, Leesburg and Greenwich, New Jersey, and Georgetown, Maryland (updated March 9, 2022)  

March 9, 2022 - In over the transom we just got the following 1977 pic from Stu and decided to start Het Loo's page with it. Stu's emails are below - consolidated and minor edits..


Hope this email finds you and your family well. I haven't read the log lately as Cathy and I moved to Hamilton, Montana last September and have been busy settling in. No sailing on the Bitterroot River but lots of snow this winter. Congrts on your daughter's sailing success.

I'll be sending a long-lost photo of HET LOO from 1979 that I found among my office stuff. Glad to see lots of activity on the Dolphin log. Looks like it keeps you busy.Try this. If not good I'll send the original. Sailing on the Cohansey River June 1979 out of Greenwich New Jersey. Headed out into the Delaware River by Ship John Light for a day of racing with the Greenwich Yacht Club. It's great when the breeze is off the meadows with no wave action in the river


Stu Polhamus


September 23, 2016. Stu Polhamus recently bought Yankee #237, Equinox but is not new to the Dolphin world. Here is his Pacific Dolphin #271 story (minor edits), and we will stand by for photographs.


I would like to MAIL you some photos of hull #271 to go with the narrative below. For some reason, I can no longer "scan" from my printer to my computer. Just need an address for you. DONE

When I visited the Dolphin site last night, I noted that #271 has a new owner. Had a great chat with Mike Yates and am sending him copies of the original Pacific Dolphin brochure & price list from 1977 (would be happy to send to you also). Told Mike that old #271 looks great. Mike said Tim McNally did a lot of good thing to the boat.

More to come.....



October 5, 2016. The pictures have arrived, been scanned and are now inserted in Stu's history of #271

The Early History of Pacific Dolphin Hull #271 "Het Loo"

My wife Cathy and I attended the Newport, Rhode Island sailboat show in the fall of 1977. It was there we ordered a Pacific Dolphin from Oceanside, California thru a yacht broker in Wickford Cove, Rhode Island.

Pacific Dolphin Show boat at 1977 Newport Boat Show

Hull #271 was delivered to Wickford Cove in the spring of 1978 and christened "Het Loo", the name of William of Orange's hunting lodge in Holland. She had a "hank-on" 110% jib and main with 2 sets of reef points. Power was a Mercury 71/2 hp 2 stroke electric start O.B.

#271 just launched, June, 1978, Wickford Cove, Rhode Island - L/R Cathy, Stu, Pheiffer

In early June, 1978, my father, his friend and I, left Wickford Cove to bring Het Loo to her new home in Leesburg, NJ. We "motor sailed" every day.

Day 1 - Wickford Cove to Stonington, CT. Clear skies and a good breeze from the NW. Dinner at a dockside seafood restaurant. In 1978 Stonington was a lovely town before the condos came.

Day 2 - Stonington, CT to Bridgeport, CT. Clear skies and a nice breeze from the NNW. Docked at the Pequannock Yacht Club (apparently club has now moved to New Haven). Nice bunch of sailors. Didn't charge us for the slip. No food at the bar, so we got a taxi to go out and eat.

Day 3 - Bridgeport, CT to City Island, NY. Clear skies and NW winds. I can't remember where we docked. Either the name has changed or it's gone altogether. We walked only a couple blocks to a great selection of restaurants. City Island is unique in that there is only one bridge on and off the island, so all traffic is "local".

Day 4 - City Island, NY to Atlantic City, NJ. Clear skies and "fresh" NW winds. An early start at 0430 hours gave us fair tide through Hell's Gate all the way to Sandy Hook, NJ. We caught the change to flood tide at Sandy Hook and carried it all the way to Atlantic City. Docked at the Farley State Marina just before Midnight. A sailboat "freebee", as we left the next day before the marina opened. As "Het Loo" had no knot meter or GPS, we had no way of knowing our speed thru the water or over ground. As the wind (estimated at 15kts) was NW off the Jersey shore, there was almost no wave action in the ocean. On our chart, Sandy Hook Lighthouse to Absecon Inlet was around 90 miles. We figured we averaged better than 6 kts for the day

Top - approaching the Battery, East River

Bottom - off Staten Island. Is Miss MCGill aboard?

Top - East River

Bottom - Brooklyn Bridge

Day 5 - Atlantic City, New Jersey to Leesburg, NJ (on the Maurice River in Cumberland County).

Another sunny day, but light winds. An advantage, as the "short chop" on the Delaware Bay can be nasty when the tide is opposite the wind.

Right: Het Loo arrived at her new home in Leesburg early in the afternoon Tuesday, June 19th, 1978.

Het Loo sailed out of Leesburg in 1978, Greenwich New Jersey in 1979 & 80 and Georgetown, Maryland in 1981. She returned to Greenwich, New Jersey in the fall of 1981 for winter storage ashore.

In June of 1982, we sold Het Loo to Mr. Corey Hammond of Greenwich, Connecticut. He liked and retained the name. He and his wife sailed her on Long Island Sound for several years before moving to the Finger Lakes region of New York where they sailed her for several more.

#271 at Greenwich, New Jersey ready to lauch and sail to Greenwich, Connecticut to her new owner, Cory Hammond, April, 1982

Hull #271 renamed "Tuuli" is now owned by Mike Yates of Skaneateles, New York.

Thanks Stu!








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