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Sailnet Forum Thread, Triad Trailers, August, 2007  

Date: 08/13/2007
Subject:  Dolphin trailer

Hello all,
I own a 1971 Yankee Dolphin; Hull 198. I'm getting serious about a Triad Trailer; current price for float off model is over $5,000. I was wondering if any member has had experience ramp launching their Dolphin. I hate to invest in a float off model, only to discover very limited usage. I’m a Chesapeake Bay sailor with visions of launching in the Florida Keys or Great Lakes.
Bob Hancock

Hi Bob:
I have a lift on/off Triad trailer, its a great trailer and the Triad people were good people to deal with. I considered the float on, but the price and more important; I started thinking about the ramps that I'm familiar with, a lot of them are not very long and drop off; I know the float-on has an extended tongue but I think you would run out of ramp before you'd be floating. I'm probably wrong but that was my thinking then.
Good luck and great sailing!

From: Alan Brothers
Date: 8/17/2007
Hi Bob,
I have a float-off Triad.  I have only been out and in once.  It takes a lot more water than I originally thought it would.  I was thinking 2' 11" or 3'.  I forget what the depth actually was, but I just measured the distance from the ground to the bottom of the keel on the trailer and it is 20".  That is almost two feet.  Add in the 3 foot depth and we are talking closer to five feet.  Also, the ramp is at an angle so the back needs to be deeper before the bow floats off.  So, I am still thinking about five feet, which is a lot more than I initially thought and close to what I remember.

Falling off the end of the ramp was a consideration.  The ramps I used had a dock alongside, so I got a long pole and found where it dropped off and made sure I didn't back the wheels over the ledge (all the gravel at the end had eroded away and the wheels would have been hanging).  If you intend to launch at unfamiliar ramps, it may be worth investing in a pair of waders so you can walk out and probe the bottom.  If there is a hoist where you want to launch, it may be worth the price to have it picked off.  If launching into salt water, it will save having to repack the wheel bearings and minimize potential rust.  It is a lot easier to launch a Catalina 22 or a San Juan 21 than a Dolphin.
Good luck,
Alan, Acamar, #139


From: Chris Vandersteen
Re: Dolphin Trailer
Hi Bob,

My Dolphin is sitting on her new float-on trailer, and I'm hoping to launch before the end of the season up here in Canada. I had the deck repainted and have yet to get all the gear back on. I'll keep you posted.
Chris, Lezah




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