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Gian Bowles' Quest, Yankee #72,  Channel Islands Harbor, Oxnard, California SOLD (updated May 4, 2016)  

May 4, 2016. On a routine follow up with Gian Bowles we got the following email. Dolphin24.org staff is working on trying to locate her

Hi Ron,

I regret to tell you that I am not the owner of this boat any more. I do not know where the new owners are or where the boat is now.


Fair Winds Gian


Gian checked in on May 11, 2008 with the following pictures and email

I just stumbled on to your site. I love it. I have had The "Quest" for 2 years now. I bailed it out from an owner that didn't know anything about boats, and never maintained it. It had 8" of water above the floors. She was a mess. I only have this one picture. But will be taking more as I fix her up. The only History I know of, was that the boat has been in the Channel Island Harbor for the past 10 years. Who ever had it back then set her up very nice. It changed hands 2 times, and was almost stolen once. (From what I heard some one sold it to a diver, he moved in and was living on it when the owner found him living on it.).

I have replaced most all the hardware and lines to make her seaworthy, raced her once (placing 2ND in class) and have made a few over night trips to the Channel Islands.

Gian Bowles

Hull #72 Yankee Dolphin 1965

Webmaster Note: This is believed to be the 2nd boat built by John Shumaker at Yankee - built on an O'Day supplied hull. These first hulls were shipped to Yankee from O'Day in 1964 without the bolt on keel and with a centerboard and rudder. The centerboard was an iron plate wrapped in fiberglass. John fabricated a weldment mold for the keel. For more on this click here to go to Yankee #71, and also click here to go to Yankee Yachts





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