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Ed Maxwell's Peerless,  an early Lunn, Noank, Connecticut (updated October 19, 2018)


Ed's son, Wes Maxwell, advises that Peerless was in the family for 2-3 years around 1970 and was actively raced. She had a black hull, as can be seen below. At some point this boat went from a dark blue hull out of the Lunn factory to a black hull. They bought the boat from Sandy van Zandt (Hound) and sold it to John Hartigan who named her Allegro

Wes promises pictures soon


December 17, 2008 Carol Connor, Ed Maxwell's daughther and a regular crew on Peerless, sent in the following pictures -

New London Day, June 4, 1973 - Ed Maxwell, Carol Maxwell Connor and Paul Connor crewing

Early 70's, Lil (Mom) Maxwell at the helm of Peerless, Ed Maxwell taking the picture


Stay tuned for what is said to be a most memorable, and photographed, event (rumored to be Peerless sailing under the Mystic River bridge - carrying her spinnaker....)


October 19, 2018. Well, it took nearly 10 years to get it but here it is - Peerless sailing under the Mystic River bridge nearly 50 years ago, carrying her spinnaker. Thanks Carol!!!

I found this picture of my Dad's boat Peerless going thru the Mystic Bridge with spinnaker up. Not great but something.


Click here for a larger image

The 'challenge' of sailing your Dolphin in a narrow channel under a bridge, that has to open for you to pass, is memorable!!


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