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S&S 24 and Falcon 24 Sail Plans  

January 26, 2013. Giles Grimston (Summerwine) sent in copies of old S&S 24 and Falcon 24 sail plans dating back from the 1970's. We have them here for the historical record. You can click on the photos and use your browser size control for a large scale version.

This first one is from Hood/Bouzaid Sails that Giles got from Dave Giddens, also a sailmaker. It has a July 22, 1975 date stamp. Work continues to decipher this photo but of immediate interest to your webmaster is the plan shows a "Tall Boy" jib with a tack maybe 3' back from the forestay. Maybe it it was tacked to a fitting and did not have a stay as it was used only with the spinnaker off wind??? Also interesting is the 7' track note one foot from the transom.

This photo is of the Falcon 24 Sail plan. This is from a patched together, torn drawing. Among other items of interest it shows/indicates an 9" rake, and 3 different 'storm jib' shapes. The notation in the upper right hand corner "AREAS over" may be a reference to the earlier photo we received - see below

This 3rd sail plan photo is a partial close up of the Fancon 24 Sail Plan above - more readable

Deciphering these old plans will continue as snow conditions permit, Skiing is very time consuming. Stay tuned

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