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Don and Mary Searle's Mary Dear, Vallejo, California (updated November 4, 2012)  

October 31, 2012. We first found out about this boat when Chris Gibbs checked in a few days ago as the new owner of Zesty, Yankee #218 in Richmond, California. Chris bought Zesty in part because he remembered this really neat, pristine boat in the slip next to his dad's boat at Vallejo Yacht Club. This club is well known as one of the most hospital clubs on greater San Francisco Bay. A quick email to the club produced the following response:

Don & Mary Searle have both passed. The boat was ‘Mary Dear” and is long gone.

They were good members of the VYC and were liveaboards here in the harbor for many years.

That's all I have, good luck.


We are looking for Mary Dear. She is now in our Roster, but "un-found". Stay tuned


November 4, 2012. We haven't found her yet but are working on it. Chris Gibbs will keep looking. Here is his latest email (edited)

Next week I'm planning to sail Zesty up the river to napa- taking it out- stripping the bottom and then it's going to sit for the winter and hopefully dry out a bit after about 35 years in the water. Napa Marina seems to be the 'authorized' place' where old boats from the north bay go to die. I'll have a look around when ! get the boat out - could be that Zesty ended up there.
I'll let you know what iIfind.


San Francisco Bay is a big place - here is Google's view

stay tuned







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