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Marionette Interior Photos  

These photos were taken while Marionette was getting a major face lift - decks repainted and interior repainted as well.



Please excuse the mess. This is what remains of the galley after I replaced a small upright refrigerator with the single seat at the left. The seat back you can see was the original top of the refrigerator.It can be rotated up, held in place by the Marionette peg system and provide more working area if needed. The sink is at the right side and covered with a fitted carving board. The bronze hand pump in the right corner is temporarily removed. The following is a full view of the port side and seat.


All the galley 'china and silver' store behind the back rest. The one burner butane stove is in its box below the seat with the pots and pans. For more on the galley click here

This view is of the infamous hull/deck clamp - heavily fiberglassed in Marionette's case - and the deck support structure on the starboad side in the main cabin. The plastic U bracket holds the VHF radio. The seat back and its variable uses and peg system arecovered in another section - Marionette's Table. The wires 'disappear' when the shelf gets loaded up.

This is the port quarterberth. The cockpit sits on 4 legs and there is a watertight bulkhead that closes off the transom locker. The two hoses at the back are the electric and manual bilge pump hoses that discharge out the same hull outlet (They cannot pump into one another). The white hose in the front is the fresh water intake. The input fitting is in the cockpit floor and the output end goes thru the side of the locker and into a 10 gallon flexible tank at the aft end of the quarterberth.The black hose is for the portside cockpit drain.

The ss U brackets hold the 3 telescoping awning poles and the wood boat hook with bronze end fitting! The hooks on the side panel of the bridgedeck locker forward of the cockpit are for various items - a thowing line, fire extinguisher, etc.. The lockers are covered in another section Marionette's Steps, etc


This is the port side aft under the deck in the V-berth with part of the main bulkhead. The two backing plates are for a stanchion. The bolts you can see in the deck beam are for a small inside jib track. The interior light base hides the wiring for the port running light which is on the outside surface of the cabin side.


This photo is of the V-berth under the deck immediately ahead of the prior photo. Note the thickness of the mahogany of the cabin house.

This photo completes the look at the port side of the V-berth inder the deck. The panel up forward is a removable one. Behind it is the anchor locker. It would be nice to have mahagony slats on the hull sides to hide the painted fiberglass. There's more on the V-berth at Marionette's V-berth.


















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