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Noel Farmer's Yankee #138, Knockabout, South Lake Tahoe, California - updated September 10, 2020  

October 20, 2019. Knockabout has tacked again! We got the following post on the Forum from Noel Farmer - and this is his 'formal check-in'. Noel has been looking for a trailer and had an ad on our For Sale/Wanted page.

Hi all

I am the new owner of Knockabout.

A previous owner removed the original table and replaced it with a cocktail table. I am restoring the interior of the boat as close as possible to original. If anyone has an original table I would be interested in purchasing it. I have seen several modified interiors that eliminated the table and I was hoping someone might have one. As an alternative if someone could recommend a woodworker that could duplicate an original that would be great.


Welcome aboad Noel!!

Fair Winds Darryl!!

October 31, 2019 Noel sent in the following update and photos (minor edit)


I am having my sailboat guy make the table unless one shows up in the interim. The boat did not have any cushions and the V berth cushions were junk. So he is making all new cushions as well. The boat will be tented for the winter but is staying in the water. Great time for interior work.

I will send you some pics when the work is complete. I have a few more rigging mods to do and she will be ready to campaign next Spring.I have sailed in many places around the world, but sailing Lake Tahoe is the best. Challenging sailing and the best view on earth.

Here are the pics

Warmest Regards,

Noel H. Farmer

In keeping with our goal to familiarize Dolphinites with the sailing areas of our boats here is a look at Lake Tahoe from Google maps. We'll get more about Lake Tahoe in coming updates. Here's a wikipedia link https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lake_Tahoe

Stay Tuned


September 9, 2020. Sails for Sale! UPDATE September 10 SOLD!!!


i have an extra main and jib i would like to find another home for. They were spares that came with Knockabout and will not work with my current rig. I think the rig was redone a couple of years before I purchased her so they have almost no use. My Sail Guy rates them in Very Good condition. If I could help out some one who is in the middle of a do it yourself restoration, that would be wonderful.

They were made by Halsey and the the sailboats are like new complete with battens. $250 plus shipping is all I am asking for them. I would let them go for just shipping to the right person.

Let me know if you can help.

Really enjoyed the book BTW. (Webmaster Note - Thanks Noel - He's talking about the Webmaster's book Voyages with Marionette)

Warmest Regards,

Noel H. Farmer





This is the history we have had on Yankee #138 up until this point in time.

October 9, 2017 We got the following email from Darryl LeDoux. We'll stand by pictures and reports from her new home in Chula Vista Marina, San Diego, California


I'm writing to advise I have just purchased Knockabout (Hull #138) from Robert Neches at Marina Del Rey and will be moving her to Chula Vista Marina.

You have a wonderful website.

Darryl LeDoux

Welcome aboard, Darryl!!

Fair Winds, Bob!!


We'll reserve a space up here for Daryl's Knockabout

May 2, 2018. Responding to our 6 month May Day update email we got the following report from Daryl. And, website staff decided we needed to know just where Knockabout was berthed.


Thanks for asking.Knockabout is doing well and enjoying sailing southern San Diego Bay (out of Chula Vista). I added Simrad Electronics, an autopilot, and cockpit cushions. Otherwise, all is the same as previously reported.


Darryl LeDoux

Click on the photos for a larger image





This is Knockabout's story up up to this point in time

August 26, 2017. We got the followng email (minor edits) from Bob Neches


Unfortunately, I have to move on and put Knockabout, Yankee Dolphin #138, up for sale.

Thanks, as always, for the service you've provided to all us owners by managing the site.

Best regards,


1969 Yankee Dolphin 24' Sailboat - $12500 (Marina del Rey)

Contact Bob Neches 310-722-8818; RNeches@earthlink.net

A highly regarded, sweet-sailing classic pocket racer/cruiser

"..we have always thought of the Dolphin as one of our best designs..."
-- Olin Stephens, Founder of Sparkman & Stephens

Items < 2 years old, Excellent Condition
- Alado Furler with twist-resistant foil
- New jib and full-battened main w/ one set of reefing points, single line reefing
- Easy-sliding Tides Strong sailtrack
- 2 new Lewmar 16 self-tailing winches
- New sail cover
- Upgraded centerboard line controls
- Solar vent in forward hatch
- Lifesling Rescue Harness, overboard retrieval ladder, spare life jackets, flares, etc.

Items < 5 years old, Very Good to Excellent Condition
- Torqueedo Cruise 2.0 electric motor, heavy-duty LiOn battery
- Epoxy-painted hull, deck, mast, boom, interior
- Bottom paint in good condition
- Replaced all standing and running rigging, mast and interior electrical wiring
- Electrical panel, charger and inverter
- Spinnaker, spinnaker pole and all necessary spinnaker gear
- Back-up main and jib

Other Notable Features
- All lines led aft with turning blocks and sheetstoppers
- Two Barlow 6 cabintop winches
- Two Harkin 8 sheet winches with Barton Marine Wincher add-ons (in addition to the new Lewmar 16s described above)
- Custom "line basket" capturing mainsheet and traveller lines
- Supported by an extremely helpful owners' group and website (www.Dolphin24.org)

Located in a windward slip in Marina del Rey;

slip lease assumable by new owner if desired

Knockabout's electric engine


No explanation necessary




This is Knockabout's story up up to this point in time

October 31, 2015. Bob Neches checking in a the new owner of Yankee #138. To check out #138 in her prior lives click here


Just wanted to let you know that I'm the new owner of Hull #138, which I purchased from Carlos Vergas. Carlos had renamed her Caravela and moved her to Dana Point, California. I believe she was called Yankee when he purchased her from Mark Spector in Marina del Rey. I'm renaming her yet again and sailing her back to Marina del Rey tomorrow.

Her new name is, "Knockabout."

Your website was invaluable both in learning about Yankee Dolphins, and in finding mine.So, although we've never met, I need to thank you very much for all your help.



Bob wanted to be sure we got the hull # right so the photo above is his first photo submission - maybe he'll get us a few more.



March 8, 2016. Bob sent in an update and another 'teaser' photo. We'll also include this in the Technical Section/Centerboard winches, etc.

I've mainly been fixing things up. New winches are the biggest thing.

I was very proud of my clever and completely original arrangement for the centerboard line, until I realized this afternoon that Marionnette did almost the same thing long before. :-)


Click here for a larger image; click the return arrow on your browser to get back here


Click here to see Marionette's set up





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