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Rob Paige's Kiwi, Yankee # 107, Santa Barbara, California, now Fanny at Flathead Lake, Montana (updated February 26, 2012)  

Back in September, 2007, Simon Graves (Supernova) sent in a copy of an old article that former owner of Supernova, Captain Dan Levinson (Someday Arrived) gave him when he bought the boat. The article was written by Rob Paige entitled, 'Choosing a Cruising Boat", in the June issue of a magazine that we then could not identify. It describes the virtues of small boats, including his own boat, a Yankee Dolphin named Kiwi.

Webmaster Note: We did identify the magazine (thanks to Alan Brothers, Acamar # 139 - see below). It was Pacific Skipper Magazine, June, 1977. And we have a copy, very poor, but you can read the full article by clicking here Choosing a Cruising Boat.

Webmaster Note 2, February 22, 2012. We have a picture!! Kiwi is now Fanny on Flathead Lake, Montana! Click here to go there.

This boat has blue water in her veins....


Rob Paige's article prompted published responses in the September, 1977 issue from 2 Dolphin owners, Harold Rogers, Lady Doris and from Charlie Nogle of Castro Valley, California. Charlie is the "Former Owner" of Kiwi and his fascinating response is below. He sailed her from San Francisco to Tahiti, Bora Bora, the Marquesas, and Hawaii!

At the bottom of Charlie's response was the ad from The Sailboat Place for a Pacific Dolphin 24. It included some interesting text about this particular for sale Dolphin completing a 23 day passage from San Diego to Hilo, Hawaii, and other winning some races at MORC Station #40.

The Dolphin aficionado will have noted below the Pacific Dolphin ad title "since 1959". This year refers to the year S&S delivered the Dolphin 24 design, not the starting year that Pacific Dolphin 24's were built - that was 1976.

The website's field investigators are still trying to track down Charlie and Rob, hopefully find out where Kiwi is now (we did! see below). We need her story. Maybe we can also get a clean copy of Rob's article.


Webmaster Note: November 8, 2008. We don't know where Kiwi is today but we found the the following email (edited) in Jim Huxford's old Dolphin 24 website archived files,

Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2000
From: Bill & Evelyn Sandmeyer
To: Jim Huxford

No, Jim, I do not have a Dolphin. Right now I'm trying to make a deal on one in CA. I sail on Fort Lake in Eastern Montana. I have had the bug for 5 years to get a Dolphin. I have looked at hull # 107, it is on Flathead Lake in Western Montana, NOT FOR SALE.

Thanks for the Brochure!
Bill Sandmeyer
P.O. Box 97
Fort Peck, MT

Anyone who can verify this please let us know. The phone number is no longer in service. Webmaster Note: Patience - it took 2 more years but we found her!


On June 17, 2008 Alan Brothers, Alcamar, sent in the following (edited by your webmaster) and much cleaner copies of the Pacific Skipper magazine in which these articles were posted.

                                                                                                    June 17, 2008

Hi Ron

I apologize for taking so long on this. Here is an article and some letters that appeared in Pacific Skipper.  I scanned them and will send them in separate files. Also, here is an ad from Pacific Dolphin that uses in the ad (June 1977) a picture of a Yankee Dolphin. The hull number in the picture is #139  - my boat.  It was originally called Yankee III and I renamed it Acamar.




November 5, 2010. We have found Kiwi - she is on Flathead Lake, Montana! Her name is now Fanny. Click here to go to her.


February 21, 2012. We have got the full copy of the following letter to the editor from Charlie Nogel that Alan sent us in 2008 - now in fairly readable condition. Somehow this project got sidetracked. The letter was published in the January, 1978 issue of Pacific Skipper magazine. It is an amazing account of this Dolphin 24 sailing the South Pacific.



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