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Todd Wheaton's Karana, Yankee # 205, Lake Conroe, Texas (updated January 8, 2017)  

August 27, 2006 We have known about Karana for over a year as Todd had posted stuff about her we found on the Sailnet Dolphin 24 Forum. We'll keep trying to get Todd to check in. Meanwhile, these are the two posts we have from that Forum.

Stay tuned.

Howdy all!

Yes- there is another Dolphin in the midst. Actually, she's old but ready for refit and restoration. This is my third restoration project mainly because I am a pauper sailor and this is the only way I have of getting and sailing a boat.

I have come into possession of hull #205 and to be honest, I'm none too sure of this Yankee Dolphin's birthday.

I have been lurking and reading the posts here and learned a lot already. I have a back issue of GOB with the Dolphin article by Dyke and he has sent me some e-mails already.

I have years of experience on the water. Long Island Sound mostly, but lots of lake time in North and South Carolina. Been sailing since the age of 5 and am now 45....going on 12, I think. I'm not an expert by any means and can stand to learn a great deal from anyone who wants to help. But stuffy people need not apply.

The boat will be used primarily on Lake Conroe in Texas and that's good for now, for me.




Re "Karana, Dolphin #205"

Thanks everyone for the input. It was very kind of you all to send e-mails and to respond here. I still haven't gotten Karana home yet due to trailerlogistics. I have one but it is not quite ready to haul the boat home. I had to get the tires to seal and hold air since the rims were so rusty and a couple of braces needed to be re-welded. I also need a new coupler as the one it has was made in 1811 I think. Those of you who trailer, how do you feel about brakes? I was told that if I don't need them, then don't put them on and if I do, then go hydraulic since the electric brakes will get submerged. I don't know how true that is.

I'm sure that brakes are helpful, no doubt. But I'll be pulling the boat with my old 1994 Ford F-150 4WD with the 351. I'll bet that I'll have to be very careful since slowing and stopping will be more like driving in snow and a lot of anticipation is required. The trailer was a very lucky find, although the trailer nazis in Montgomery County, TX have to inspect it before I can register it. Due to the bureauracy's failure to plan, the theft rate of boat trailers is phenomenal. So all the honest people have to go get their trailers "inspected" by the Sheriff's dept first.

I understand and appreciate the intent and ....it is free, but dang it, it's a typical thing that once again, the good and honest people are punished for the misdeeds of others. Not trying to get all high horse here, just annoyed that a year ago, I would have been able to register the trailer without it even being seen. Such was the way it had been handled.

But people were putting farm tags on their boat trailers, avoiding paying taxes on them by working the system as it existed then.

Oh well...I'll get it done and then can go get my pride and joy.

Sorry for the rant, but I'm sure everyone here has experienced something similar.



September 28, 2011. Todd has checked in! Here is his email (minor edits). We will have to keep searching for #205.

Hi Ron,

Gosh, it's been years....

When I bought the Dolphin in Texas, I had no idea that US Airways would call me back.  So, on very short notice I hightailed it back to the Carolinas while leaving the boat in the slings at the seller's house.  I put an ad on Craigslist and offered it for free as I just didn't have the wherewithall to move it 1,000 miles.  The trailer I found for it could not be registered in Texas, as they had to inspect it first, and without a title, they would just seize it.  That was Texas' answer to trailer theft, which apparently had gotten the attention of all the counties surrounding Houston.  So I gave the trailer to a boatyard and when I got settled (sort of) in South Carolina, I offered the Dolphin up for free, which really made me sad. I loved the look and the legacy of that boat. 

The guy who took it also stole the straps that the previous owner had used to hold it in its slings...never said so much as "Thanks" for his time or effort or patience.  So I felt I had done a bad thing.  The boat's whereabouts are unknown to me at this time - I think I'm responsible for the "death" of one Yankee Dolphin.  *sigh*

However, I was able to regain possession of my Columbia Sabre, (very long story) and it is a restoration project of monumental proportions.  I have had health issues but am now ready to re-commence the installation of a new deck and many other things.  She will be very smart looking. 

I wish I knew where #205 was.  Every time I see one on Craigslist for sale, I hope it's her.  But, I fear the worst.  I dunno, maybe she'll pop up someplace someday. 

My life was very out of kilter back then and I really wish I had the ability to have moved the boat to here.  She deserved better than she got, I think.

Well, that's about it.   Hope all is well in Dolphin-world

Todd Wheaton


February 10, 2012. We have just heard from David Gobeil - in Belize!! We may have found her! Stay tuned.

February 22, 2012. We didn't but if you want to follow this story Click Here


January 8, 2017. Well, we still don't know what happened to #205 but past owner was not cut up and sold for his lead. Here he is checking wth the following email (minor edits)

Hi Ron,

Been a long time since I visited your website. I had all but forgotten that I once had a Dolphin 24. I guess the whereabouts of #205 are gone for good. That's a shame.

I suspect the guy who took ownership in 2007 cut it up and sold the lead at a scrapyard. No way to confirm this but in my experience, there are people who only see money and little else. Many regrets about all of that.

When I got back to South Carolina, it didn't seem that getting a project sailboat or trailer was all that easy. I had my Columbia Sabre which is still in hollow stage. Life gets in the way so much..... However, things are changing . I've restored a San Juan 23 which sails very nicely....and it's ready for sale. I have an Endeavour 32, a Chrysler 26 as well as the
Columbia. They all require a great deal of work but that's my hobby.

Sadly, the Dolphin comes across my mind once in a great while and I am saddened to think about it. Guess whoever got it was not a sailor....or I would've thought they'd have appeared on your site by now. I am thinking the worst. I certainly have no news on it. I'm sorry.

Your website seems to be going very well though. I am pleased to see that. The world needs such things to reinforce in the rest of us that passion is not wasted.

Happy New Year

Todd Wheaton

Webmaster Note.

Thanks for checking back with us, Todd.

We never write off missing Dolphins, and in our nearly 10 years working on this site its not unusual for them to 'reappear' - if not in body then in spirit - from the memories of their past owners and crew






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