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Dominic and Janice Byrne's Harbor Rat Too, Yankee #239, Wilmette, Illinois (updated June 30,2015)  

June 30, 2015. Kristin Keenan advises that Harbor Rat Too (HRToo) #239 is now owned by Dominic and Janice Byrne. We stand by for Dominic and Janice to check in.



August 22, 2012. Kristin and Dave Keenan, current owners of Harbor Rat, O'Day #59, Wilmette, Illinois, have bought Serene, Yankee #239 from Bob Colson, Dana Point, California. Click the underlined to go to those pages. We'll set up a new page for her soon (We're here!). Here is Kristin's email (excerpted/minor edits)

Hey Ron,

We wanted to let you know that we bought Serene (Yankee #239) from Bob Colston yesterday. 

We've had our eye on her for a while....and every time we looked, we got to talking (and talking). In the meantime, we got an estimate ($$$) on Harbor Rat's issues and then we talked some more.

I flew out there yesterday to take a look at Serene. I was hoping it would be a very easy decision... it was...she was as beautiful as her pictures promised she'd be. Now we have to figure out how to get her home to Wilmette. (and, holy cow, we own two Dolphins!)

I will keep you updated. Always something exciting happening with Dolphins....that's a good thing!



January 25, 2013. We received the following update from Kristin Keenan (edited)

Happy New Year! Hope the winter is finding you well and warm.

We are all praying for snow, rain and more snow and rain. Our harbor is VERY shallow...matching, if not, exceeding the historical low set in 1964. We ran aground behind our own mooring back in October.... and it's much lower now.

Will keep you up to date as we approach Spring. Eager to get back to work on Yankee Dolphin #239 (haven't named her yet) when the weather warms. We were able to get a lot done on her before we had to haul her out at the end of October. Most importantly, we were able to get in several sails...she seems fast and balanced.

Take care and talk to you soon,

Kristin Keenan
Wilmette Fleet


June 15, 2013. Here is Harbor Rat Too, and Kristin's update and photos

Harbor Rat Too, foreground and Dolphins Galore!!! Halcyon on her stbd side, Aurora off her stern, Sea Glass above her boom, Wada at her mast/off Sea Glass' stbd bow. Click here for Wilmette's Dolphin fleet

Yankee #239 is now officially "Harbor Rat Too". We put her in last week with new bottom paint, a good buffing and waxing, and of course, champagne and a name.

Attached are a few pictures. We hope we will make her past owners proud and promise to take good care of her. The first race is tomorrow...we've spent so much time sprucing her up, we haven't had time to practice on her....but it's like riding a bike. It will all come back to us the moment we leave the harbor :)

We'll be in touch with an updated roster of our 16 Dolphins. The water levels are up and everyone seems happy.
Talk to you soon,

June 18, 2013 Postscript: As of today only three of the 16 aren't in yet. The harbor is filling up and the weather has finally turned warmer.

We had our first race this past Saturday. We had 6 boats on the line. Ted Prohov's daughter, Jennifer, helmed the entire race on Wada. We are all so excited for her...gotta get that next generation out on a Dolphin!!

There's that lamp, again!!!


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