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Charles DeMailly's Glimpse, Marscot/O'Day # 8, Padenarum, Massachusetts (updated December 22, 2011)  

May 21, 2009. Stan Secora, JATO # 7, told us of this boat. Her name and hull # were in Stan's daily log covering his pick up of JATO on May 11, 1960. JATO was being commissioned and was first launched on May 11, 1960 at the Marscot railway in the old Beetle Cat yard in New Bedford, Massachusetts. This is where the Dolphins were finished under the supervision of Marscot Plastics foreman Leo Telesmanick. When Stan picked up JATO to sail her home to New London, Connecticut Glimpse was being loaded on a truck. His notes indicate that she was being delivered to her owner in Padenarum, MA on May 12, 1960. She had a blue? hull. Padenarum is the home of the New Bedford YC, an active racing club on Buzzards Bay.

Our investigators are working on this. Stay tuned


December 22, 2011. These things take time. With the help of the New Bedford Yacht Club we confirmed that Glimpse belonged to Charles DeMailly who was a member in 1960. With the help of Google your webmaster tracked down and spoke with Charles DeMailly, Jr. who remembers Glimpse very well. He grew up sailing on her. His father had her for 6-7 years before he sold her - where she is now is unknown. Charles Jr. remembers having his honeymoon on this boat. She had a white (?) hull with pale blue decks and a small gas inboard - probably a Palmer 27. Also, her interior was a bit different. She had a galley sink in the normal location in the main cabin on the port side aft of the main bulkhead, and below that a shelf for a portable stove. Aft of this on the port side was a small settee.

Somewhere, Charles has a picture of Glimpse under sail and he will look for it. Stay tuned.



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