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Kevin Porter's Garganey, Yankee Dolphin #234, AVAILABLE Uxbridge (Worcester area) Massachusettes - (updated May 30, 2019)  

May 30, 2019 - Kevin posted the following message on the Forum

Wondering if anyone is interested in picking up a yankee dolphin 24 project. I ended up getting the boat from someone who wanted it off his trailer. the unloading process was less than perfect and she is on her side at my Uxbridge Ma property. Its sad because they are a great hull design but the value is higher for the ballast than most would pay for her whole.

There was some work already done on her that needs undoing but she's pretty much all there. Just putting feelers out and starting the conversation.

kevin porter <kevinporter732@yahoo.com


June 2, 2018. Past owner Bob sent in the following email advising that Garganey has a new home (minor edits). We stand by for new owner Kevin Porter to check in.

Hi Ron

Just wanted to update you, Gargany found a new home. She is now in Uxbridge Mass, the new owner is Kevin Porter. Hopefully he will restore her. If so he will need a good source for info and parts. The mast was ruined by the previous owner and it does not have sails or a motor that fit the hole, bow railing damaged, lots of stuff like that......

Thanks for your help


Welcome Aboard Kevin!

Fair Winds Bob


March 7, 2018. Garganey has resurfaced and is For Sale/FREE on Craigslist. Originally we found out about this ad from a website reader, and we followed by contacting the seller who advised her name. Here is the original ad.


Dolphin 24 FREE

24' Dolphin sail boat, cabin, galley, single mast. That's all I know. Storing it for a friend, someone wanted it, friend no longer wants, so I loaded it on my trailer. Now the person that wanted it hasn't decided to take it. I want it off the trailer, so it's free with free local delivery.

No title, but it's not too difficult to get one for an abandoned boat. Do your own research, the boat is free!
Needs restoration, but it's free. No sails and aluminum mast needs work, but it's free. The pallet it is on is rotten, so the boat will need a new means of support. I can tell you what it will need to unload it.

I can unload it here if you have your own trailer, or I will deliver. All I ask is that you are ready with a plan to stabilize it when I get there. I have five boat stands that will work with it. Had plans for them, but since the pallet is rotted I will sell them if you want them.
I'm no longer going to hold the boat for anyone. Come out take a look, if you decide you want it be ready to take it.

Contact email - jswzm-6492603715@sale.craigslist.org






This is the information we had on Garganey


Garganey, Yankee Dolphin #234 Was Available FOR FREE, Chatham/ Cape Cod, Massachusettes - Craigs List (updated September 28, 2010)

September 28, 2010. Spoke to Jon today. The boat, believed to be a Yankee, was picked up in July by a guy who planned to take it to Rhode Island. Jon had the boat for 3-4 years and bought it from the Chatham Boat Works. Stay tuned - our DFIs are at work tracking down this boat.





June 1, 2010 We found out about this boat first with an email from Kevin on May 28 alerting us to the CraigsList ad below. We were in touch with Jon and were standing by for more info and pictures when we got a bunch of pictures from Senior DFI (Dolphin Field Investigator) Eric Varty (Canopache)





Free Sailboat-Needs Work (Chatham)

Date: 2010-05-19, 8:20PM EDT
Reply to:
sale-uwtf8-1749703614@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?]


Free 24 foot Dolphin Sail Boat. Needs work but very solid.Comes complete.
Call Jon 508-241-0025




These are some of the pictures Eric sent in. Garganey is going to need work.




                          Yankee # 234                                         1989 Florida sticker (no sky hook, photo rotated!




                      Raised lettering                                              1991 Town of WellFleet, MA




                               Galley                                                        Companionway













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