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Chris McPherson's Gaia (formerly Jimmie Zinn's Jastarnia) , Yankee # 233, North Bend/Coos Bay, Oregon, formerly San Diego, and Richmond, California - updated January 30, 2019  

February 25, 2016. Gaia has a new owner, Jim Homet, a cross country ride, a new home in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and a new name - Maggie. Click here to go to Maggie.



This is Gaia's story up to this point

We got the following emails from Chris on Jan 5/6, 2008. Gaia's is another one of those amazing Dolphins who have been rescued from the deep. Chris promises Gaia's pictures as she goes through her refit.

        January 5, 2008                                                                         


I was delighted to find your website.  I had a look at the roster but didn't find a way to add to it.  I'll share my info with you here.  I am Christian T. (known as Chris) McPherson.  I have owned Yankee Dolphin hull number 233 built by Yankee Yachts in 1971 for over 25 years.  Her name during my ownership has been Gaia; formerly it was Jastarnia.  I assume this was after the small Polish town on the Baltic Sea.

When I found her she was berthed in Richmond, CA but the home port on her transom was Martinez, CA.  Shortly after purchasing her and getting a new genoa made, I sailed her down the Pacific coast o my home town of San Diego.  There she suffered the violation of vandals and thieves who broke in, stole my gear and sank her in San Diego Bay.  I raised her myself with the help of a friend and his boat.  She is currently awaiting refit in North Bend, OR on her custom built trailer.  I hope to find time and resources over the next two years to finish her restoration, including some upgrades to enhanceher seaworthiness and comfort as a cruiser.  I am finding the information on your website very helpful.  Thank you!

I would be happy to be included if the idea of a Dolphin Owners' Association develops.  As I intend to make use of technical and
historical information on the site during my refit/restoration, I will reciprocate by sharing the story of Gaia's progress in text and photos.  I plan to get underway with the project this summer.  Various ideas under consideration are a new mast step/tabernacle, dryer more seaworthy hatches, installation of an inboard engine, quarter berth(s), a new, custom galley design and possibly chain stowage under the forward molded-in V berth.

Thanks again.  I've bookmarked the site and will be watching for developments.

Chris McPherson


                                                                                       January 6, 2008

Dear Ron,

I'm afraid Gaia is rather a sad sight right now with oxidized and crazed gelcoat, rig and stanchions removed, etc.  The pictures that I am likely to share during the coming months will certainly not be glamour shots.  More likely they'll be of a technical nature revealing some of the challenges to be addressed during her refit.  For example, the fiberglass that covers the mast step support is badly cracked.  I'm wondering if the intrusion of fresh water has been causing rot inside.

She is in North Bend (on Coos Bay) simply because it is my current place of residence.  My plan for this refit has been put off many times for various reasons and Gaia has patiently followed me around on her trailer awaiting priority adjustments.  This plan is now out of the back of my mind and, having been published on the web, is soon, God willing, to be underway.  This is one reason that discovery of Dolphin24.org is so timely for me.  I found the site because I had begun the preliminary work of researching helpful information.

Thanks for getting me on the site and for your reply.  I'll be in touch.



January 30, 2019. In over the transom we got the following emails (consolidated) from former owner Jimmie Zinn.

Re: Yankee Dolphin 233 Chris McPherson – Gaia; Jim Homet – Maggie; Manfred Noack - Electra


For some reason this morning I decided to Google my old Yankee Dolphin, number 233, the boat I owned on San Francisco Bay from about 1980 to ’84. (See photo, attached) What a pleasant surprise to find her story outlined on your website.

I acquired the boat from a broker in Alameda that had taken her in trade on a larger boat. I berthed her in Richmond, and sailed her extensively on the Bay before selling her to Chris McPherson, a name I now know from your site. I believe the price was $8,000. What a joy to see she has not only survived but been so beautifully restored by Mr. Noack.

Jimmie Zinn

Florence, Oregon



I believe the name was Jastarnia, but it was a long time ago. I never new what the name meant, it was on her when I bought her. She was my first boat.

At the time I was not a member of RYC but years later joined with our Morgan 38 that we sailed the Pacific side of Mexico for four years.




























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