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Ron Noe's En Charette, a Lunn built Dolphin, Hull # L200 (?), Essex, Connecticut (updated January 6, 2019)


April 11, 2007. Ron Noe was one of the first Dolphin owners we talked to about this website. He bought his Lunn built boat from Hugo Hilderdorf of Patchogue, Long Island, New York, who was the first owner. It was one of the first 3 Lunn's, a stripped out, empty boat that Ron built out to have her go as fast as a Dolphin could go. According to Clark DuBois (Peridot, Marscot/O'Day #14), Ron has the last Dolphin 24 National Championship Trophy - we need to find out more about this!

Webmaster Note, December 7, 2013 - confirmed by Ron with the following note

About the championship, yes I did win, but the trophy is probably in one of a bunch of boxes.  I'll let you know if I find it. (or maybe when) Ron

Ron sold En Charette to Carlton Granberry, who renamed her Savili and went on with her to an outstanding race record in the late 1960's and 1970s. Click here to go to Savili. We don't have a picture of Ron's En Charette yet, and don't want to use one of Savili because she has been painted green. But, we have heard about a model over Ron's fireplace....Stay tuned


November 13, 2013. Over the past several months we have been developing a story of the connection between International 14's, one of the very early racing dinghies, and the Dolphin 24. Essex Yacht Club was a hotbed of its racing activity. You can read all about this by clicking here.

Hanging from the ceiling of the Essex Yacht Club in its trophy/bar room is this International 14 donated to the club by Ron Noe. Picture taken by Dolphin 24 website staff.

Click on the picture for a larger view.

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December 7, 2013. Getting the above picture gave us the opportunity to follow up on that model of En Charette referred to in the beginning of this page. These photos are just in. We have also included them in our Technical Section on models (click here to go there)

Ron added the following comments about the model

The fiberglass hull and deck parts were made by Roy Berg and given to me along with teak trip pieces sufficient to do the work.  It took me forever to complete the model thanks to a collection of reasons but when Roy and I talked recently, about 7 years ago, he asked if I had finished the model.

Roy Berg was the Chief Engineer at Lunn Laminates, and himself the owner of a Lunn built Dolphin 24, Black Dolphin. Click here to go to her. Somewhere in this webmaster's overloaded database/memory is the tidbit that Lunn Laminates made these models available to buyers of their Dolphin 24s. Stay tuned....


December 14, 2013. On a review of the Off Soundings Club archived regatta results at the Mystic Seaport Museum's Blunt Library, we found that Encharette was 1st overall in the 1964 Off Sounding Club's Spring Series - 46 boats were entered. Click here to go to a page that lists some of the Dolphin 24 racing success in the Off Soundings Club.


February 13, 2018. We have been remiss in not updating this page with Ron's contribution to our 2017 Dolphin 24 New England Championships. Click here to go there. Ron donated his 1964 Spring Series Off Soundings Club Trophy to be 're-cast' as the NE Championships trophy.


The old engraving will still be on the trophy, hidden behind the new disc, but viewable by simply removing the magnet on the back which holds the new center disc in place (below)

Encharette won the 1964 Off Soundings Club Spring Series - total entries 52 - and Ron was awarded the trophy below.

It's a Sterling Silver dish with a perforated edge (left). We will mount it on teak blocks with new gold/brass, black lettering engraving plates, and a new center section disc for the new engraving.

Click on the photos for larger images



The magnet, below. On the right is the trophy on it's partially cleaned up blocks, freshly polished with new center plate in place, not yet engraved, and gold/brass plates not yet done.

Click on the photos for a larger view

In the 53 years since Ron Noe won this Off Soundings Club series Dolphin 24's have won it 19 times! In the 1960s and 70s there have been as many as 8 Dolphin 24 entered in a given series.

A summary of Dolphin 24 winners will be in a separate 'exhibit' on display in Camden - a mock up of which you can see by clicking here.

Click on these photos for a larger images

Click here for a large image of the descriptive display accompanying the NE Trophy

That's Ron Noe at right posing with his 'new' 53 year old trophy


January 6, 2019. This story has been lurking in webmaster files

In the 1960's and 70's Dolphin 24's were the under 30' racing rage on the eastern end of Long Island Sound, Fishers Island Sound and out to Block Island. One of the major off shore racing clubs, the Off Soundings Club (OSC), holds Spring and Fall regattas, with total entries well over 100 boats

From 1965 to 1980, the under 30' Class B2 usually had 40-50 boats racing and was very competitive, including several America's Cup skippers. Six different Dolphin 24's won the Charles Koch Trophy 11 times In this 16 year period! This trophy is awarded yearly for the best combined performance in the Spring and Fall regattas'

Ron Noe is a marine architect, raced his Dolphin 24 (Encharette) in these regattas, and tells this story. He recalls sitting at one end of a picnic table under the regatta tent in 1974? after an OSC Spring Series race. In front of him he had a stretched out paper napkin on which he had 'ticked' off' a pencilled scale 24' line, and on which he was drawing hull lines for a '24 sailboat. The Dolphin 24 was obviously the boat to beat in these regattas. Down at the other end of the same table was this guy named Rodney Johnstone with a paper napkin stretched out in front of him on which he had 'ticked' off' a pencilled scale 24' line, and on which he was drawing hull lines for a '24 racing sailboat

As Ron puts it Rodney's sketch became the J 24, and the rest is history. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/J/24






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