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Jeremy Covert and Paige's Charisma, Yankee # 208, Brookings, Oregon has been SOLD to Jay Westbrook, Eugene, Oregon (updated July 7, 2014)  

May 9, 2014. While we were busy with getting caught up with the latest ad for Charisma we found out she has been sold! We have set up a new page for Yankee #208. Here is an excerpt of new owner Jay Westbrook's email

Hi Ron,

Just wanted to give you some good news.  I just bought Charisma from Jeremy Covert this week, and we both just brought her up to Eugene to her new home.  She will go into a slip tomorrow at Orchard Point Marina at Fern Ridge Reservoir.


Click here to go to #208's new page

Fair Winds Jeremy and Paige!!


May 8, 2014. Here is the link to the Craigslist ad https://oregoncoast.craigslist.org/boa/4449301559.html or contact Jeremy directly at covert451@gmail.com. The text of the ad, posted on May 1, follows

Dolphin 24 S&S design - $3500 (Brookings, Oregon)

Nice boat! Full keel. 5 nice sails, 3 of which are in like new condition. All gear you need to sail and then some. I was prepping to cruise down to Baja for a few years but have accepted a position in the northeast and am forced to sell the boat.

Check out the Dolphin 24 website, this hull 208 and her name is Charisma (which she has plenty of, and your friends will read it on her stern as you sail by them)! She is a sweet sailing boat for the seasoned vet who wants to race (and win) or for a family wanting to get out for the day/week. Also a great boat for to learn how to sail a bit bigger boat. She is awesome! Sad to see her go. I expect her to sell quickly and am traveling back to Oregon this coming week to finalize the details...so shoot me an email and I will give you a call to hash out the details.

Check out the Dolphin 24 website (look under hull 208 or in the For Sale portion of the website to find photos), I can,t upload photos from my iPad, sorry. You can also see videos of her on YouTube if you google charisma 24 YouTube.

I can even help paint the bottom and clean her up for you for free next week when I come into town. She is a solid old boat, made when design and craftsmanship meant something...unlike today...

Serious inquiries only. I want this boat to go to someone who knows how great a deal this is. If she had a motor and a trailer the price would be nearly double! Let me know what questions you have.

At a glance: she has shore power, kitchen, head, water tank, elctrcal system all functioning and in great condition for her age. A few minor maintenance things like a sanding, repacking combing on rudder and finding a insignificant leak in the companion way are all the needs to be attended to. Nothing big! And I will do this for free if you like. This is a honey of a deal!


April 26, 2014. Jeremy has been in touch and is now in Massachusetts. Has had some interest but still looking for the right person. Expects to get an ad up on Craigslist soon. Check out his email on March 11 below for boat details. Contact Jeremy at covert451@gmail.com

April 3, 2014. There has been interest in Charisma but no seems to be able to get in touch with Jeremy. The boat is on the hard at the Port of Brookings Harbor in Brookings.

March 11, 2014. Losing two ladies at the same time is tough - here is Jeremy's email (edited). See pictures of #208 below

Hi Ron

Due to my girlfriend and I splitting up I can no longer afford my dream boat…I am forced to part with hull #208 Charisma. She is a solid boat. Has 5 sails, all in good condition. An awesome, brand new asymmetrical spinnaker. Rigging is in great shape. One small chafe on a halyard -- and that would probably go another 5-10 years before breaking. Only thing it needs is an engine (if you use one). I had to sell the one that came with it because it was completely rusted out. Boat has a nice battery, marine charger for two batteries, shore power is ready to go (someone stole my cord).

Too much stuff to list. Water tank, head, galley, cushions, handheld gps, flare gun, etc. I also have a ton of purple heart wood ready to go to make some bulwarks if you like. Also purple heart stringers to make large oars if you want that also. There is a rear rail I installed on it.

It has a nice dinghy (although it is a little large for the boat). A great boat. All she needs is new bottom paint, and a small engine, and she's ready to circumnavigate if you have the guts. Or she is ready for a relaxing summer at the lake.

Please let me know what questions you have. I am looking to get a fair price but am not looking to make money on her. I will even trade for a small car which gets great gas mileage. I have to get my stuff back to the midwest…

The boat is in Brookings Oregon. on the hard. I also have tons of reference books and random stuff I could part with if you are interested. I can meet you at the boat and help you get her back in the water and even take you out sailing. Hell, I will even help you build the bulwarks and clean her up real nice. I just want to see this little lady go to the right home!

Contact me at covert451@gmail.com




This is a bouncing ball page - bear with us. This is the history we have on this boat. On December 9, 2013, Jeremy Covert checked in. Here is his email (minor edit)

My name is Jeremy Covert. I am the owner of Dolphin 24 hull 208, Charisma. I would love to register for this site. I have a bunch of questions and a bunch of photos. Can't wait to hear from you.

Welcome aboard, Jeremy!

April 6, 2013. Jeremy posted a Charisma video on YouTube. Click here to to go there.



On April 14, 2013, former owner Ken Thompson advised us that he has sold Charisma to Jeremy Covert and his friend Paige. We are standing by for Jeremy and Paige to check in. Here is Ken's email (minor edits)

Hi Ron,

I finally sold Charisma. The new owner is Jeremy Covert and his girlfriend, Paige. If their plans come to fruition, Charisma may make an appearance in the bay area as they work their way south. I don’t have an email for Jeremy but the next time I see him I will steer him to the dolphin24.org site.

I don’t have much information about Charisma’s history. All of the documentation that was on the boat when I bought her was from her time here in Brookings Oregon.

I did discover that a friend of mine here in Brookings had owned her for several years and during one conversation he indicated she may have been brought up from the San Francisco Bay area. That could have been in the early ‘80s.

Looking at the pictures you posted from the Delta magazine, that boat is definitely not Charisma but it is possible the Richmond YC member actually saw Charisma, albeit sporting a different name.

I have attached a picture from a few years ago of my wife and I sailing Charisma off of the Oregon Coast.

I hope this helps,

Ken Thompson

bye Ken...

February 3, 2013 - There is an updated ad on Craiglist posted January 21, 2013 - same link


January 6, 2013. Alden Harris (Shipperke) told us of the following updated Craigslist ad for Ken Thompson's Charisma, Yankee #208. It is an updated version of the ad that we posted here earlier. At that time we spoke to Ken to confirm it was his boat for sale. The boat is in the sport basin at the only marina in Brookings.

This is the direct link to the ad http://oregoncoast.craigslist.org/boa/3521473361.html where there are more pictures

Dolphin 24 foot Sail Boat - $4500 (Brookings)

Date posted: January 21, 2013

Sparkman and Stephens Dolphin 24

hull # 208 built by Yankee Yachts in 1971.

Full Keel, Marine head, Galley sink, ice box.
5 sails: Main sail with one reef, 140 genoa, working jib, storm jib, Asymmetrical spinnaker.
9.9 Yamaha 4 stroke, electric start, long shaft.

In Brookings, slip B26
(Sorry, I do not have a trailer)

Slip Fees paid through August 2013

Reasonable trades considered.
(I don't need another boat though) 


We first found out about this boat when we came across Ken Thompson's post on June 6, 2006 regarding outboard motors on the Sailnet Dolphin Forum archives..Someday, we will get to Ken directly and find out more about Charisma.

Here is what he had to say about his 9.9hp Yamaha:

I shoe-horned a Yamaha 9.9 four stroke long shaft, high thrust, electric start  (I am now spoiled) into Charisma. I do not rotate the motor to navigate, I use only the rudder. I find it very easy to negotiate in and out of my slip. You just need to understand that the Dolphin is not a power boat or a dinghy -  they maneuver like a larger, say 34’ boat.

I run the motor with the well cover open and push the outboard control arm into the down position to close the cover while sailing. Having the control arm sticking out into the cockpit doesn’t seem like a good idea to me, seems like it would be in the way as well as something for the main sheet to hang up on.

The 9.9 generates way more power that the Dolphin needs, 1/3 throttle keeps us at 4.5 knots with enough extra power to buck the current at our bar during an ebb tide. Last year I filled the 3 gallon tank and at the end of the season had a gallon left over. I know some of the earlier Dolphins had inboard engines; I would love to see some photos if anyone has them.

Ken Thompson


Webmaster Note: Yankee #208 was the 'cover' boat on Yankee Yachts' 1971 sales brochure. We have a PDF copy which you can see by clicking here.


July 7, 2014. We got the following email from former owner Ken Thompson (edited) - in response to some questions about Charisma's past.


I don’t have a lot of information regarding Charisma’s former names or owners.  We found the registration cards from former owners tucked into the back of one of the drawers on the boat.  If they are gone it is possible Jeremy discarded them.

“Bob” was the gentleman we bought Charisma from in 2003. I don’t recall his last name.  He liked the idea of sailing but it didn’t work out in practice for him.  He owned her less than a year. He had renamed her “Christine,” after his daughter, but the name was a little too Steven King ish for us.  We went through the formal de-naming and re-naming ritual and christened her Charisma in the spring of 2004.

In your earlier email you mentioned John Boye.  He did own Charisma and should be easy to get a hold of.  He is a chiropractor in Brookings, OR. I suspect he will be able to shed some light on her history. I also have a better copy of #208 on the cover of the Yankee Yachts Dolphin 24 brochure.  If I am ever able to locate it I’ll send it along as well.Not much, but I hope it helps.

Ken Thompson






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