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Daryl and Doug Varney's Auriga, O'Day #63, Wilmette Harbor, Illinois  

April 18, 2014. Daryl and Doug Varney are checking in as the new owners of Auriga, O'Day #63. The immediate past owners were Dan Orth and Fred Lafnitzegger and a previous owner was Bill Laub. We are standing by for pictures.

Here are Doug's emails (consolidated/ minor edits)

Hello Ron,

Here is a bit more activity from the Wilmette Dolphins – we have agreed to buy Auriga / hull # 63 from Dan Orth and Fred Lafnitzegger.

The first challenge we have is that of a centerboard (or really lack of one). Your web site is a wealth of information – but we aren't set up to make one - if you know of anyone with a spare O'Day centerboard it would be very helpful.

This isn't the first Dolphin we have owned – we were part owner in Celerity (but sold when our daughter was born about 10 years ago). We look forward to getting Auriga in the water and sailing again.

Daryl and Doug Varney

ps - On the centerboard - Dan said that their original one swelled and got stuck, and they replaced it with an aluminum one (that subsequently became too corroded). They have been sailing without a centerboard for the last couple years - but will check with them to see if they kept the aluminum one around (for possible use as a pattern).

I will also put up a request on the Forum - maybe something will turn up.





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