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1960 Marscot/O'Day Dolphin - For Sale/Cut UP?? in Huntville, Alabama, was in Deltaville, Virginia - (updated June 20, 2016)  

June 20, 2016. We had a post on the Forum that this boat was again For Sale on Craigslist. Here is the link


1960 Dolphin 24

no mast, no boom, no sail, good rudder, yanmar engine with transmission and shaft and prop, $600

Contact 256-655-8191



December 7, 2011. We have received some historical information about this boat, and hope to get more. Back in the mid 1990's it belonged to Rudy Hinshaw who kept her in Deltaville, Virginia. She did not have a name when he bought her, and he did not name her. When he got her she had the original gas inboard (probably the original Palmer 27) and he replaced it with a Yanmar diesel. The hull had been regelcoated white by a previous owner - prior to that it was a turquoise blue.


November 29, 2011 - For Sale on Craigslist - http://huntsville.craigslist.org/boa/2634421869.html - contact 256-655-8191

Here is a copy of the ad (minor edits - expired)

1960 O'Day Dolphin 24' Sloop (Madison, Al)

Date: 2011-10-21, 8:49PM CDT
Reply to: see below

1960 O'Day Dolphin 24' Sloop with Full shoal keel and extendable blade, Yanmar diesel one engine inboard, no mast, no boom, no sails, she needs complete refit. Questions 256-655-8191. All pictures are copy rights reserved. Mast and boom were stolen


December 14, 2010 - For Sale on Craigslist - http://huntsville.craigslist.org/boa/2102219099.html (expired)


January 14, 2009. On Ebay min bid $625, no mast, boom, sails or trailer. No bids yet. 5 days left.

Click here to go to the ad and photos ( expired)


December 26 , 2009 DFI David (last name unknown at this point) updated us regarding a new Ebay ad. The boat has so far avoided the ultimate end, and is still waiting for a rescue. On Ebay, ...Minimum bid now $900 without trailer.

If anyone pursues this boat please try and find out the hull # from the nameplate, if one is still on the boat.


May 4, 2009. There was a new Ebay ad - Min bid $2700 with trailer (This ad expired). Seller's Contact Phone # 256 655 8191


June 16, 2009 We received the following LAST CHANCE message from the broker who has this boat

"This boat will be cut up, no parts will be avail, remove or noted, no long avail. Stephen"

October, 2008. Tireless Field Investigator Chris Becker brought this boat to our attention. She was for sale on Ebay then with an asking price of $850. Reportedly, this boat sat for 6 years on the hard near Deltaville, Virginia. We have no information other than what is listed in the Ebay ad. This boat was also listed on Craigs List...expired

According to the ad this boat has a 'new' Yanmar diesel but no guarantees on whether it runs; has spars. Her Virginia registration # was VA 1837 YY

If anyone knows this boat please let us know






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