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David Hilgendorf's Prim, Marscot/O'Day #22, South Bay/Amityville, Long Island, New York  

April 18, 2011, DFI Ian Holzmacher, Wanderlust, Yankee #122 sent in the following report

Hi Ron,

I decided to spend some more time searching through my old South Bay Cruising Club yearbooks for more dolphins. I found another dolphin in the 1990 yearbook.

Sail #: 2221
Name: Prim
Owner: David Hilgendorf

I'm curious if this is Don Zimmer's old boat http://www.dolphin24.org/flipper_Oday22.html because Flipper's sail number was 222. In 1990 sail number 222 was taken so they may of simply added a one at the end to change the sail number. There were only a few dolphins only the bay. So I think this is possibly Flipper.

Ian Holzmacher
Wanderlust #122

The curatorial staff at Dolphin24.org have determined that Prim was indeed Flipper, as always pending arrival of new evidence to the contrary. Accordingly, she shall have her own page. Click here to go to Flipper. Meanwhile we stand by for more about this boat





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