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Rod Johnson's Elsa E, Yankee # 129, Port Angeles, Washington (updated October 15, 2015)  

October 15, 2015. We got the following email from Larry Hill


My name is Larry Hill. My wife and I purchased Yankee Dolphin Hull # 129 on Sep 13, 2013. We renamed the boat RESPITE. We took her out for the first time September 9-23 this year and were impressed by her stability. After having lived and sailed on a 33-foot steel sailboat for 20 years, it's great to have a small boat with beautiful lines that sails on glassy seas. We ran into a westerly gale on the Strait of Juan de Fuca, and tacking upwind with the full jib only, we never got the rails in the water. We wanted to see what she could do and now we think she can do anything. We are very happy with this boat.

Thank you for the website. It has helped us with numerous issues.


Welcome Aboard Larry - Fair Winds Rod - Click here to to Respite's page




August 21, 2007. Rod sent in the following email (edited) about his Elsa E. We look forward to a picture soon.

                                                                                          August 21, 2007

Hello Ron 

Mine is a Yankee Dolphin' hull # 129 built in '69, named Elsa E (after my wife). I bought it in early '99 from a guy in Eureka CA who had acquired it somehow after it sat on a trailer unused for 5 years. It's name was Flying Dutchman and I understood it had been sailed from San Francisco by a couple of guys who had a real rough trip and essentially abandoned it in Eureka.

I replaced the standing and running rigging and the outboard,  added a radio, dodger, fathometer, another anchor, cushions, etc - and have been happy as a clam ever since. It could use some more upgrades - new sails and a roller furler especially - but it serves me well as is.

I live in Port Angeles WA on the Strait of Juan de Fuca, looking across to Victoria BC Canada and the San Juan Islands. I can't imagine a better sailing venue anywhere, and the Dolphin is perfect. Most of my sailing is single-handed but the boat works good with 2 on long cruises.

Anyway, it is sure great to see a Dolphin website again. You will surely go to heaven for that!





































































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