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Jamie Weymouth's Black Dolphin, Lunn #L219, Camden, Maine - updated August 2, 2016  

March 22, 2016 Jamie Weymouth has checked in as the new owner of Black Dolphin, and we have set up a new page for her. Click here to see the interesting history of this boat. Jamie is also the new owner of another Dolphin, this one named Dolphin (no 'Black') which he recently bought from his friend Ed Glover. He has some interesting plans for Black Dolphin which will develop over time.

We'll reserve a place up here for when Black Dolphin is sailing up on Penobscot Bay. Meanwhile, here's pictures of Black Dolphin waiting at, and finally leaving, Formula Boatworks in Groton, Connecticut on Saturday, March 19 for her trip to a shop in Camden, Maine on Jamie's family property.

Welcome aboard, Jamie


August 2, 2016. Your webmaster was in Camden over the past few days racing Marionette in the Camden Classis Cup regatta (we won our class!) and used this as a opportunity to deliver to Jamie something he needs to take care of while he takes care of Black Dolphin.

Right - Jamie and his Black Dolphin model - click here for a larger image

And click here for more on this Black Dolphin model, and other models

We are standing by for Jamie's report on his big boats









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