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Brent Lievsay's Dorado, Yankee #86, San Diego, California (updated February 9, 2018)  

December 14, 2016. John Cahill is checking in as the new owner of Dorado. Here is his email

Hi Ron,

I have recently purchase Dorado from Brent Lievsay and am going to ship it to Hawaii just after the first of the year. I want to thank you for all the information that I have gleaned from the website and hope to reciprocate in the future by contributing as I restore Dorado.

I was on the big island of Hawaii looking at another boat and came across Calmanti and instantly fell in love. To make a long story short, I found Dorado for sale on the Internet and closed the deal with just a series of photographs. I am hoping the restoration isn't too major but I built boats for a living back in the 1970's and 80's and am up to the task, I hope. More later.

Aloha, John Cahill

Welcome Aboard John!


Fair Winds Brent!

February 10, 2018. We have set up a new page for #86 - click here to go there


April 7, 2016. (updated September 5, 2016) Brent bought a boat in Greece! and is there sailing now!!. So he has not had the time to spend on Dorado. She is Still For Sale. Here is his Craigslist ad link http://sandiego.craigslist.org/csd/boa/5526712353.html, (expired). Below are highlights from the ad, and Brent's direct contact info is below.

Yankee Dolphin - $4500 Mission Bay, Sea World Marina

Sparkman & Stephens Design - Classic Sloop built by Yankee Yachts Built 1968.
Fiberglass hull, deck & house teak trim, gorgeous lines. Perfect bay and ocean sailor.

Dorado was built in the mid-sixties in Costa Mesa by Yankee Yachts. Called a Yankee dolphin and molded with a little blue dolphin at the top hull line near her bow, this little boat design was fashioned after classic, traditional New England boats that raced on Long Island Sound in the 1930's.

She is made out of fiberglass & polyester resin, and has a monolithic hull with a centerboard trunk, topsides and house molded together and joined at the top of the hull by a teak toe rail. She was made of top quality construction by the boat builder whose passion for her design integrity was a beacon of light on the darkest sea, even when in the end the Yankee Dolphin couldn't compete with the lighter, less well built fiberglass hulls that came after her. She moves through the water gracefully.

-- 8hp two stroke Evenrude
-- VHF Radio
-- Sails
-- Anchor
-- Rigging new in 2004. Great Condition
-- Life Vests
-- Safety Equipment

Would consider sharing the expenses with the right person.

Contact: brent@vividminds.com, by phone 619-261-7715



March 5, 2013. Brent Lievsay checked in on the Forum as the new owner of Dorado. Below are his emails - consolidated/minor edits. Pending receipt of new pictures from Brent we'll use a 'file photo". Click here to see Dorado's history and her remarkable story.

Hello there.

I just purchased Dorado #86. She is a beauty. I am now wanting to do a few improvements and was hoping that I could get some help from the Dolphin veterans here.

I need new sails (main and "yankee" jib). I would prefer to buy something used if possible. I want the yankee jib so I can see better under sail. I was also contemplating getting a roller furling system to make it a bit easier to sail single handed. I have never purchased sails before so I am not sure exactly what I should be asking for dimension-wise or any variables that I should consider with the Dolphins. Any advice or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

I would really like to install a windlass for the anchor on the bow and was wondering if anyone here has any advise on whether or not that is a good idea or even doable. I am not sure how the chain might be stowed and was hoping that someone might have some experience in this?

Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

Best Regards,

Brent Lievsay, San Diego, CA

File photo







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