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Dolphin #69  

April 9, 2014. The only thing we have on this boat is an email remnant from Jim Huxford's old Dolphin 24 website

From Jim Huxford filesSubject: Re: Yankee Dolphin

Date: Tue, 11 May 1999 12:09:05 -0400

Hi Jim,I'm close to buying #69 in the Dolphin fleet . She has wooden spars and a black hull so this is one fine looking boat. One thing though; The topsides. They were SeaTeked about 8 years ago and could use it again. I'd like to do them again, but am unsure of what's involved. Do I need to start from scratch or can I sand a bit and ad a fresh topcoat or two? Any help or pointing to good resources would be appreciated.Also is this a job only for an expert, or can I pull it off myself. How much shoudl I expect to pay for supplies?

Thanks in advance

From: ewoodman@lycos.com

Any info on this much appreciated (email RonBreault@Dolphin24.org)



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