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Ed Bergan's Island Breeze/(Lakka), Pacific Dolphin #266, Annapolis, Maryland (updated April 19, 2016)

June 5, 2015 - Ed Bergen ckecking in as the new owner of Island Breeze/Lakka.

Hi Ron,

I am checking in as Lakka's new owner.  I am really happy to join the Dolphin 24 community and to finish the "sprucing up" begun by Capt. Mike McKeon and his lovely wife. Lakka (still on the transom) is berthed  on Mill Creek, just north of Annapolis Md. and will be getting a bath, stanchion re-beds, some new paint and her new pushpit mounted this summer.  At the age of forty-nine, she really doesn't need much - Dolphins are some mighty fine boats!

Best, Ed Burgan

Welcome Aboard, Ed!

April 19, 2016. We heard from Ed and had a nice compliment re the website (edited)

Hi Ron

Thanks for your daily efforts keeping it going - its always a pleasure to browse around!





The following is the history we had on #266

May 7, 2015. Mike McEwen advised Island Breeze has been sold. We'll stand by for the new owner to check in.


Thanks for your help. Island Breeze was sold last week.

Thanks again


Fair Winds and Calm Seas, Mike



April 8, 2015. DFI John Cotton brought this Craigslist ad to our attention.

Here is the link http://easternshore.craigslist.org/boa/4954743633.html

Pacific Dolphin 24 - $2300 (Annapolis)
Well built 24 ft (Sparkman and Stevens design) with a full keel, 2.6 ft draft. It's powered by a evinrude 9.9 with electric start and a alternator, in its own well astern. for more details about the boat go to www.dolphin24.org for more information about the boat and a tight group. Interior is all teak that has been oiled. Lots of storage. Gallery to port that slides astern to get outta the way when not needed. You're welcome to contact me with any questions. The boat is currently on a lift. A lot of extras go with it. Health reasons force this sale


November 15, 2013. Mike McEwen has checked in as the new owner of Lakka, Pacific Dolphin #266. Here is his email (minor edits)

I'm the new owner of Hull #266, bought it from Jim Wetteroth. The boat is as solid
as a rock typical S&S design. It will be berthed in Mill Creek in Annapolis, Maryland. The name will be changed, not sure yet of her new name. We settled on her two days before my back surgery, so needless to say I've got the time. Will keep you posted of her progress.

Mike McEwen


April 2, 2014. We have the following update from Mike and a name change for Pacific Dolphin Hull #266 (minor edits)

Mike McEwen checking in with an update hull# 266 Jim’s boat. As with everyone else it’s been long winter however I was able to clean 90% of the grunge before I turned the water off in the marina. Different looking boat, I oiled the entire woodwork with teak oil, WOW. Getting ready to completely redo and step the mast.

I have come up with the name for the ole gal, she will be known as “Island Breeze”. Would you be so kind to update the roster. If Jim reads this update I just want to say many thanks and you will never know how much what you did meant to me. Jim delivered the boat from North East (bay area) to Annapolis while I was recovering from back surgery, Jim - THANKS.

Ron I will keep ya posted so stay tuned.

Capt Mike
“Island Breeze”



At this point we pick up the history of #266 as we have it. On May 13, 2011 Jim Wetteroth checked in with Pacific Dolphin #266 named LAKKA (see below). This boat was 'a newly found Dolphin', our 179th. The boat was bought at Hacks Point (Upper Chesapeake Bay) near the western end of the Chesapeake/Delaware Canal), Maryland, and eventually kept at North East, Maryland. We are standing by for more information and history about RAKKA, and hopefully some pictures.

I just bought Pacific Dolphin #266 at Hacks Point, MD.  From the last registration sticker, and the expiration date on the flares and fire extinguisher, it looks like the boat was last actively sailed prior to 1999.  I hope to have it cleaned up and sailing around North East MD this season.  Its present name is "RAKKA".  That may change after a number of more urgent issues are resolved.  Thanks.
Jim Wetteroth


May 15, 2011 - Jim sent in a couple of 'before' pictures. I'll bet she looks pretty good under all that dirt and mildew - and Jim's 'after' picture will hopefully be on a nice sunny day. Jim adds that he bought the boat from the Cecilton Lions who got it as a donation about 5 years ago. She has been in the water at their dock, and for sale, ever since. He will try and get some history about her.


May 23, 2011. Jim sent in a name correction with the following email

Sorry! I gave you the wrong name of the boat, its "LAKKA" not RAKKA.  According to Google it seems to be a Finnish liqueur made from cloudberries (they may also be used to make some kind of lacquer or varnish).  I also found the former owner's name in on a few things in the boat, its a Mr. Kincannon.  I will ask what town the boat came from when I can.





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