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Yankee Dolphin # 238, Abandoned in San Carlos, Mexico (updated January 30, 2012)  

Field investigator Brian Henderson checked in on November 12, 2008 with the following report (minor edits). Stay tuned.

My name is Brian Henderson; I have a DeFever 38 in Marina Cortez, San Diego.  Delphinidae is a couple of docks down from me.  I have always admired the Dolphins and wish I could fit in one, but I just don't think a Dolphin is in my future as I am a large, stiff jointed old guy.

Nevertheless, I am currently on "vacation" in San Carlos, Mexico (a resort area just north of Guayamas, Sonora) and have spotted a couple of Dolphins.  One is hull # 100 owned by Tom and his wife, whose name I do not remember.  It is docked three boats down from the guest dock I am staying at (on a freinds boat).  I talked to Tom and he should be reporting in to this site with some info on his boat, so I will say no more about it except to say that it is a very nice and  clean looking little boat.

In the dry storage marina nearby (Marina "Seca") is hull number 238. It appears abandoned and is on a kinda rough trailer with flat tires.  The companionway boards have been removed and there is about a foot of water inside.  No name on the transom.  Mast is down.  Looks quite restorable, but would require quite a bit of work.  I have heard that it was in this same condition 5 years ago.  Trailer is licensed in Arizona and the boat has regatta plaques from 1972 and 1973 mounted next to the hull number plate.  I have pictures of the boat and will send when I get home to my own computer in San Diego in a couple of weeks.  I have not contacted the marina management to see if they know any more about this boat.

Brian Henderson


January 30, 2012. We never heard back from Brian but since we know Dolphins seem to 'come back' we decided to contact Marina Seca in San Carlos, Mexico to see if #238 was still there. They reported no knowledge of this boat. So, we will keep her on our abandoned/lost list pending news to the contrary.

So we tried to reach Brian, naturally it was stale email address :-( Then tried to find him at his boat in San Diego but were advised he sold his boat and left the marina. Tough day for a Dolphin 24 Webmaster....



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