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Roger Baris' Yankee #180, on Lake Erie, Where? Ohio? Pennsylvania? New York? (updated May 23, 2014)  

December 26, 2010. We knew of this boat years ago from a small reference on Jim Huxford's old Dolphin 24 website. Today, we found an email (1999?) from Robert Barris to Jim Huxford, the Dolphin 24 webmaster who passed away in 2002. We have not found Robert Barris or #180 yet but maybe we are getting closer. Any leads are welcome.

Yankee Dolphin #180. This is our 2nd year sailing on Lake Erie. The boat is in need of repair but seems solid. The engine transom had to be removed due to rot. I am using the West System to glass new supports and transom in place. The job is turning out better than I thought. The best tool purchased was a 4" hand grinder used to cut out the old section and grind the new glass. I am making a new forward hatch out or mahogany. It is $6.00 per board foot compared to $15.00 per board foot for Teak. I am hopefully going to replace all the teak.

I am also buying a lot of varnish. This year I hope to buy a larger outboard. Last fall I was caught in a Northwester' on Lake Eire with winds from 28 to 36 knots. We reefed the main and felt safe. However, under power the boat did not handle very well in the harbor. It was an interesting night. Do you see any surface cracks were the hulll was seamed? I have some on the bow but have inspected the inside and it seems fine. What are your thoughts? I am also thinking to spray the haul this winter using a two part paint. The gelcoat is getting to thin to just buff.

Suggestions welcome.... Robert Barris

Stay Tuned

May 23, 2014. It took more than 3 years but we think we found her - check out this Dolphin that came in today http://www.dolphin24.org/lakewood_dolphin.html

Stay Tuned


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