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Anthony Howard's Surora, Yankee #115, Patrick Air Force Base, Cocoa Beach, Florida SOLD!! updated February 24, 2014  

February 24, 2014. We followed up with Tony and he replied. Surora has been sold and is now Dana Sonnenberger's boat somewhere in Canada. We standby for the new owner to check in. (she did - click here to go there) Here is Tony's email (edited)

She was sold, and to a very nice lady in Canada.  Her brother lives close by here in Florida and owed her a sailboat, so he bought it and took it up there.  It now resides just across the border.  She sent pictures of #115 after restoring it and it is really beautiful.  I just love that she is with someone who loves and appreciates her.  My wife and I want very badly to see “Surora” once again, we had some of the best times of our lives on that sweet little boat.
Tony Howard


April 4, 2012. Anthony Howard checked in as the owner of Yankee #115. We are standing by for pictures and some history of this boat. She is our 199th 'Found Dolphin'. Here is Anthony's email (minor edits)

Just for the record, I have Yankee Dolphin hull #115.  I learned to sail on this boat in Virginia Beach. Virginia. some 30 years ago and along the way, about 20 years ago, became the owner.  It now resides at the Patrick Yacht Club at Patrick Air Force Base (Cocoa Beach, central east coast Florida).

Unfortunately the boat is need of some serious work, cleanup, bottom haul, and a new companionway hatch.  Nonetheless, it is still a very sound and solid boat.  It is for sale at this time at the price of $2500 to a good home but as I continue to clean it up, I am again considering restoring it and sailing again.  This boat is very close to my soul and heart, and always will be.
Anthony Howard,


April 5, 2012  - Eric Varty (Canopache) advised us of the Spacecoast CraigsList Ad. Here it is as well as photos, the link and contact info.

24'-2" Sailboat For Sale $2500 (Patrick Air Force Base)

Date: 2012-03-23, 5:48PM EDT
Reply to: ksmcq-2918659277@sale.craigslist.org

This a sale by Owner despite Craigs List stating it by Dealer. A Sparkman-Stevens design, Dolphin, a keel-centerboard offshore MORC sailboat built by Yankee Yachts.

Extra main, Jib, Genoa, and spinaker with pole. Bimini Cover and frame and other gear included. Includes much additional stuff like multiple anchors with line, porta potti, bladder water tank, stove, and full set of matched cushions, and more. This boat needs some repair including a new companionway hatch, new forestay and aft stay, and to be hauled and painted.

The deck is resin and fiberglass bonded to the hull, so there are no leaks. There is a low time Evinrude 8 hp long shaft Sailmaster engine included in the price. This is a very sound and well built boat, not tupperware.

LOA 24'-2", LWL 19', Beam 7'-8", Draft 2'10" with centerboard up (in keel), 5'2" extended, 1650# lead ballast, 4250# Displ.

There are multiple berths, practical for sleeping 4. The bronze centerboard fits up inside the keel so the floor is open with no trunk in the way. This is an ideal sailboat for the local shallow waters, when the centerboard hits sand, you know to turn away. If it does run aground, it is in less than 3' of water and can be manually extracted if necessary. It is great for weekend getaways. My wife and I are getting too old to sail now, so we are reluctantly letting it go. Many, many good times and memories were had for a lot of years on this boat.

If you are interested, we will have to make an appointment to meet and get you on to the Air Force Base and PAFB Yacht Club. The boat is trailerable on the highway, but no trailer is provided and it must be lifted out of the water and placed on any trailer that is to be used for transport.

Location: Patrick Air Force Base; Original Craigslist link URL: http://spacecoast.craigslist.org/bod/2918659277.html


We also received the following email from Tony.

April 5, 2012

Hi Ron,

Thanks for all your work! She has a name, it's Surora, which is an central Florida Indian tribe word for "light of the morning sun". However I never got around to actually putting it on the transom. I'm a little ashamed of the way her condition and maintenance got away from me but hope to get that remedied soon, one way or another. I will try to get some pictures sent to the web page asap. I've been really busy as of late so it might be a week or so before that happens. It was real nice finding the Dolphin website, it filled in a lot of information that I did not have.

Tony Howard

Stay tuned







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